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For instance, I like the new app drawer that scrolls vertically instead of paging through apps horizontally, because it feels like I can find things quicker (a search bar at the top of the apps tray also lends a hand). I'm also a big fan of the new app permission system that lets me tell an app it can access my camera, location or other personal information only at the time it actually needs it, instead of granting every single program I install carte blanche to potentially siphon off my information. (Not that they ever have.).

But honestly, I don't know if Marshmallow is reason enough to actually buy a new Nexus, I haven't found many standout new features in this new version of Android, and the biggest one was a bit of a disappointment for me, It's called Google Now on Tap, Now on Tap lets you perform a Google search for all sorts of things without interrupting the things you're already doing on your phone, Say you're scrolling through your Twitter feed, and you spot someone talking about El Niño, You could just hop on over to the Google app and type in "El Niño" -- but Now on Tap might takee care of that for you, Just hold iphone 8 screen protector best buy down the home button, no matter what you're looking at, and theoretically, your phone will automatically Google it for you..

It's pretty amazing seeing it work in all sorts of apps, and even text messages. It doesn't require app developers to support the feature, which means it could get more and more useful as Google invisibly adds more search results. But for me, invisibility is actually the problem right now. It just takes too long to start searching, and it doesn't always find what I'm looking for. And since I never know whether it'll work before I dedicate several seconds of my life to finding out, it feels like more of a curiosity than a useful tool. An actual Google search in my browser always works, and doesn't take much longer.

But again, the reason to buy a Nexus phone isn't to get a whole bunch of crazy new software features baked into the OS, It's about having a pure, unadulterated experience where the software gets iphone 8 screen protector best buy out of your way, On the Nexus 5X, Marshmallow delivers that, They say "the best camera is the one you have with you," but that's always felt like a stretch when talking about Nexus phones, Most of them have had pretty terrible cameras compared to your average iPhone, particularly in difficult lighting situations..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The Google Nexus 5X offers great performance, wide carrier compatibility, great pictures, an excellent fingerprint sensor and a relatively small, lightweight chassis, all for a fairly low price. The Bad Battery life can be a little weak, and the Nexus 5X looks and feels cheap compared to similarly priced phones. The front-facing speaker sounds terrible.

The Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235 and high-end Forerunner 630 watches are all equipped with GPS to measure pace and distance when running and include features such as Auto Lap and Auto Pause, They're designed to be worn all day and are capable of tracking steps, calories burned and sleep, All three are also water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can wear them in the shower and pool, Garmin has even included some smartwatch functions in the Forerunners, The new watches can iphone 8 screen protector best buy display notifications from your Android or iOS device to alert you when you receive calls, text messages and emails, You will have to be connected to your phone over Bluetooth, though, You can also use the watch to control music from your smartphone, and install additional watch faces, widgets and apps through Garmin's Connect IQ developer platform..

The 230 and 235 are essentially the same watch, with one exception. The 235 includes an optical heart-rate sensor on the back, making it Garmin's second device (behind the Forerunner 225 , one of our favorite running watches) to include the technology. That doesn't mean the 230 can't track heart rate. It can, but you'll need to wear an ANT+ chest strap if you want to do so. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it opens the door to even more features. With heart-rate tracking enabled, both watches can estimate your VO2 max (that's the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume), help predict race times and tell you how long to rest after a hard workout.

Garmin claims the 230 will last up to 16 hours in training mode or up to 5 weeks if iphone 8 screen protector best buy you're simply tracking your activities and displaying smartphone alerts, The 235 is said to last up to 11 hours with an active GPS signal or up to nine days in activity tracking mode while also displaying alerts, The Forerunner 630 features a high-resolution color touchscreen that is always on, It also includes vibration alerts and Wi-Fi, which lets you automatically upload your workout and activity data even if your phone isn't in Bluetooth range..

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