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LG's new 360 VR headset was unveiled in Barcelona. It's surprising. First of all, it's small and lightweight. The LG 360 VR plugs into the newest LG G5 phone via USB-C. It has its own built-in dual 1080p displays, too. This headset is about a third of the weight of larger phone-based VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR. It has earpieces that unfold, like a pair of VR glasses. Two buttons on top handle navigation a bit. It looks sleek. Your G5 phone, when plugged in, can use its touchscreen like an extra VR controller.

The G5 is LG's new flagship smartphone for 2016, And it has a unique design angle: The bottom pops off to let you swap in a new battery, and iphone 7 case 0.3mm add new snap-on accessories that change the phone's functionality, The first snap-on modular accessory is the LG Cam Plus, which offers G5 photographers a tactile button for the shutter, stop and play functions, as well as a continuous dial wheel for zooming in and out of subjects, The G5 has a 2,800mAh internal battery, but the Cam Plus grip has its own power source that adds an additional 1,100mAh of juice..

LG partnered with Bang & Olufsen for the LG Hi-Fi Plus, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC for short) that connects to the G5 through the removable module on the bottom of the phone. The Hi-Fi Plus has its own speaker and headphone jack so you can use it to make phone calls or listen to music the way you would with a typical smartphone -- but with (theoretically) better audio quality. Once installed, the DAC module adds a little extra to the G5's original "chin."If you don't have a G5, you can still use the LG Hi-Fi Plus as a standalone DAC with any phone that has an open USB Type-C port.

To generate an output signal, the DAC upsamples the source file to 384kHz, giving the listener a "hi-def" audio experience through the speaker or headphones, Next on the accessory train is the LG 360 Cam, It lets you capture your surroundings in high-res 2K video or as a still image (resolution TBD) using two 200-degree cameras that stitch together, with some overlap, for a complete 360-degree picture, The camera also mounts to most tripods using the iphone 7 case 0.3mm standard camera thread on the bottom, The device includes a small, sheath-like case that also serves as a hands-free stand..

If you have an LG G5, you can connect the 360 Cam via the phone's native "Friends" app, which is basically a device manager for the various G5 accessories such as the Cam Plus and Hi-Fi Plus. The 360 cam is compatible with other Android devices as well and uses a Bluetooth connection to pair them up. The lens shutter can be triggered remotely from the phone and there's a microSD slot on the camera for saving projects. You can also stream video and photos back to the phone via Bluetooth, or use the G5 as a remote viewer.

The 360 VR is LG's lightweight virtual reality headset, It comes in at 180 grams (6.35 ounces) without the cover attached, Unlike Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard -- which use your phone as the headset screen -- the LG unit has two dedicated high-resolution displays for each eye that are independently adjustable for viewers with different prescriptions, The display offers 639 pixels per inch (PPI), which LG claims will eliminate the "screen-door effect" iphone 7 case 0.3mm that plagues other VR headsets, The resulting image is similar to viewing a 130-inch TV from 6.5 feet (2 meters) away..

The goggles are tethered to a phone using a USB-Type C connection and will only work with Android phones powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor (such as the G5). You can connect headphones to the headset using a wired connection or wireless via Bluetooth on your phone. If VR isn't futuristic enough for you, how about robots? The LG Rolling Bot is a home monitoring unit that has a camera, infrared sensor, a mic, a speaker and a laser, all built into the ball. You can set it as a home monitoring device using your phone as a motion controller and remote viewer.

The mic and speakers are designed for communicating with people -- and pets -- at your house while you're out, The Rolling Bot interacts with and controls smart home devices, even non-LG branded gadgets, LG mentioned a variety of use cases for it, including using it as a remote to turn on your TV, air conditioner and house lights, to make it look like someone's home, The iphone 7 case 0.3mm Bot has a "pet mode" that initiates a pre-programmed "dance" to keeps pets entertained, And it also has a laser for playing with cats and dogs..

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