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"We want to build an Internet that respects users, puts them in control, and creates and maintains trust," said Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Mozilla's chief legal and business officer. "Too many users have lost trust and lack meaningful controls over their digital lives."Firefox maker Mozilla aimed to upstage Apple and Android on mobile phones, but scrapped its alliances with Verizon and other carriers. That's where a new contender comes into the picture. A Hong Kong-based startup aims to pick up where the creator of the Firefox OS left off.

Will we see technology or a phone?, The Honor event takes place on January 5 at 8 p.m., the day before the show officially starts that's known as Press Day, but hours after the 10 a.m, press conference for the main Huawei brand, CNET will be there, of course, to follow the "no nonsense" announcement, The phonemaker promises to reveal new technology at the big CES conference in Las Vegas in January, Huawei is planning double duty at CES 2016 this year iphone 6s screen protector 3d in Las Vegas with two events earmarked for press, We just received an invitation to a party/announcement for Honor, a brand name that Huawei reserves for its top-end phones..

The Otterbox Statement Series lets you see part of the back of your iPhone. Usually Otterbox cases have a good-sized Otterbox logo on the case, but the Statement makes a statement by showing off the Apple branding on the back of the iPhone and only having the Otterbox brand carved into the side in a more subdued manner. While Otterbox wouldn't comment about the branding on the case, the Statement is being sold exclusively at Apple Stores (as well as on the online Apple store and at otterbox.com), which might make one think that Apple preferred it's brand get a little more exposure. Thus the backless look.

The Statement case comes in black, gray, maroon and blue and lists for $40, though US customers can get it for $30 in a holiday special on the Otterbox website, A version for the 6 Plus/6S Plus is also available in the iphone 6s screen protector 3d same colors for the same price, The Statement series comes in gray, black, maroon and blue, Only two-thirds of Otterbox's new Statement case is see-through on back, which gives it an interesting look, Otterbox has a new Statement Series case for the iPhone 6/6S that looks both cool and a little odd at the same time..

The iPhone has lost some ground to Android smartphones. Apple also saw dips during the quarter in its market share throughout Europe, Kantar noted, the first decline since the three-month period ending in August 2014. The iPhone's slice of the market dropped by 2.2 percent in France, 1.7 percent in Italy and 0.6 percent for the top five nations in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK) combined. Kantar considers the overall drop in Europe to be minimal, driven primarily by a deceleration of growth in Great Britain and Germany.

Any hiccup in the iPhone's market share is noteworthy, however, given that the device is the biggest driver behind Apple's revenue, While popular -- the third-best selling smartphone in the US during the quarter -- the iPhone 6S is an "interim" model, a minor upgrade from last year's iPhone 6, Typically, consumers are less likely to bite iphone 6s screen protector 3d on Apple's "S" model iPhones, according to analytics firm Localytics, And as always, Apple also had to contend with makers of Android phones, which unveiled their own batch of new phones such as Samsung's Galaxy S6 and the LG G4..

In addition to gains in the US, Android increased its smartphone market share across several key regions in the world, Kantar reported. In Europe, Google's mobile operating system returned to growth in the top five nations after a decline that began in October 2014. Android's smartphone share rose by 6 percent and Italy and by 2.9 percent in France. "In Great Britain, Android's decline considerably decelerated in the three months ending in October 2015, thanks to stronger performance by Samsung and LG," Kantar business unit director Dominic Sunnebo said in a statement.

Google's latest version of Android is in no hurry to jump onto your smartphone, Released in October, Android Marshmallow is now on only 0.5 percent of all smartphones seen at the Google Play store over the seven-day period ending on December 7, according to Google's latest Android Developers Dashboard, Android Marshmallow isn't making much progress just yet, Apple's smartphone iphone 6s screen protector 3d market share in the US drops to 34 percent, while Android phones jump to a 63 percent share, new report finds, Android has been nibbling away at Apple's slice of the smartphone market in the United States and Europe, a new report shows..

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