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"Priv users will enjoy choice, innovation, security, privacy and productivity. In other words, no compromises," BlackBerry said in its blog post, showing off the new photos. The company has not released prices or a specific release date yet for the Priv, which will sport a 5.5-inch curved screen and a slider keyboard. In a video interview with Business News Network on Friday, Chen showed off the new phone, but the demonstration didn't go so smoothly. With little audience enthusiasm for the BlackBerry operating system, a shift to Android on a single phone so far may not do much to beef up BlackBerry's mobile phone business at this point. Once a dominant force in the mobile phone market, especially among white-collar workers, BlackBerry has lost much of its business to players such as Apple and Samsung.

Even corporations and government agencies have jumped ship from BlackBerry to rival manufacturers, though the company has said that a core base of customers remain loyal, Device maker offers a glimpse of its first smartphone to run on Google's Android software, BlackBerry on Tuesday revealed the first photos of its security-focused Android smartphone, the Priv, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads iphone 3 cases ebay australia can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Now you'll only see your apps in alphabetical order when you open the app drawer, instead of the box at the top with dynamic shortcuts. What do you think of this new feature? Share your thoughts in the comments. Here's where you'll find all of today's Google news and the archive for our live blog. Enjoying everything about the Marshmallow version of the Google Now Launcher, except the new app shortcuts? Here's how to disable them. Google recently rolled out an update to the Google Now Launcher on Android. Among the changes is a searchable and vertically scrolling app drawer, topped with a dynamic shortcut box.

During the press event Google held today, it was explained that this shortcut box works by learning which apps you use at specific times of day and in what order, While this new feature has the potential to be useful, it might actually be cumbersome for others, For instance, you may have no specific pattern of app usage, only checking services like Twitter or Instagram iphone 3 cases ebay australia whenever there's a lull in your day, or checking your email as it arrives, If you're interested in turning off this new feature, you can toggle this setting..

Visit manufacturer site for details. Just like Disney World, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is fun for the whole family. Unlike The Happiest Place on Earth, this tablet won't cost you an arm and a leg. Starting at $150 (around £130 or AU$215 if converted), the Fire HD 8 offers tons of features for adults and children and its potential is truly unleashed if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. A Prime account gives you access to a huge media library full of free games, TV shows, and movies with personalized recommendations from Amazon -- all of which you can download to your tablet or a microSD card as big as 128GB. The addition of the Kindle Unlimited service, which offers a large bounty of books to choose from and download, and the built-in speed reading feature, Word Runner, should appease bookworms who want an inexpensive compromise between a tablet and e-reader.

If you're a parent who likes to share their toys with their kids, the little ones in your household can use the tablet in the same way you do, but under the restrictions of extensive parental controls that can probably rival the NSA, Amazon FreeTime allows parents to restrict which books, apps, games and videos kids can access, as well as how long and when they're allowed to use the tablet, An upcoming feature (expected in the next software update) called Activity Center will also provide surveillance information on how kids are spending their time using the tablet -- whether it be reading or watching videos, Additionally, the Fire HD 8 tablet -- according iphone 3 cases ebay australia to Amazon -- is a tough cookie that can withstand a few falls..

The Fire HD 8 isn't without its faults. The chunky plastic design feels a bit toy-like, performance is slow during downloads or when running bigger games and Amazon's app store is light years behind Google and Apple's when it comes to selection. Yet, what it lacks in aesthetic finesse, fast specs and apps variety, it makes up for in tons of content for you and the whole family. For the price, the Fire HD 8 will soon have you forgetting that you originally signed up for Amazon Prime for the two-day shipping. There's also the option of last year's smaller Fire HD 6 and this year's brand new 10-inch Fire HD 10 . And, if you're really low on funds, you can even go for the soon-to-be-released $50 7-inch Fire tablet.

They're all priced to sell and run the same content-rich operating system, Other tablets iphone 3 cases ebay australia in the same price range don't have the same perks, family-friendly features or operating system tailor-made for easily accessing it all, If you're already a member -- or don't mind signing up -- the Amazon Fire HD 8 is a small device for taking advantage of your Prime membership in a big (and very shareable) way, Editors' note: The Amazon Fire HD 10 is an almost identical version of the Fire HD 8 (reviewed here), Portions of their reviews are similar..

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