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Winslet, though, is still partial to old-fashioned (and arguably healthier) methods. "Don't let them sleep with it," she said of the gadgets. "Play Monopoly. These things are not rocket science. Do drawing games. If we go to the pub we always take paper and pen."The actress is also highly critical of the effects of social media on kids' psyches, especially those of girls. She fears for girls who post pictures of their hair for strangers to "like."This will have a "huge impact on young women's self-esteem because all they will ever do is design themselves for people to like them. And what comes along with that? Eating disorders," she said.

It's not that Winslet is completely anti-technology, It's that she believes that there's a horrible alienating, corrosive effect install an iphone screen protector when people become addicted to technology and its effects, It's true that many parents are losing control of their kids' behavior and very lives, But isn't part of the reason that the parents themselves have been sucked into the world of Facebook and Instagram?, Isn't it true that while the kids are on their phones during dinner, many parents are too, creating a peculiarly sad image that a modern Edward Hopper would delight in painting?..

Do parents really want control of their kids? Or do they want to indulge them, thereby freeing themselves up for whatever they want to do?. Winslet believes that the minute you share a memory on the Worldwide Web, it isn't your memory anymore. But that's what so many of the Web's dominant corporate forces want. They want to know everything. They want to make privacy a painful irrelevance. Because they want to make money out of it. Technically Incorrect: The "Steve Jobs" co-star says that kids shouldn't be allowed gadgets and instead enjoy pencil and paper.

Why two operating systems? Good question -- and one Google has install an iphone screen protector been asking itself for at least six years, Back in 2009, Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted that his company might eventually merge Android and Chrome OS, and we've been waiting ever since, And on Thursday, it seemed like the inevitable was finally coming to pass, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that by 2017 the two operating systems would largely become one, If only it were so simple, The very next day, Business Insider discovered that Google may actually have three operating systems when all is said and done: Android, Chrome OS and a new hybrid that tries to blend the best of both..

From where I'm sitting, that doesn't make a lot of sense. Isn't it high time that Chrome OS got killed off? Here are three reasons I think Google should ditch the glorified browser-OS..and one reason it should stick around. Originally, Chrome OS computers were supposed to be so inexpensive you could afford to treat them carelessly, even throw them away, yet fast enough to perform basic tasks. When the starting price of a decent Windows computer was $500, a $250 Chromebook seemed like a steal. Sure, you could find a $300 Windows computer if you looked hard enough, maybe even one at the $250 mark, but you'd be talking about an exceptionally flimsy machine with a terrible keyboard that would struggle to browse the Web.

But last year, Microsoft turned all of that on its head, install an iphone screen protector The company started offering Windows for far cheaper to manufacturers building inexpensive laptops, (We're not sure exactly how much; the terms of those deals are secret.) In response, companies like HP started making decent Windows notebooks you could buy for as low as $200, That means that now, for just $50 more than the lowest cost Chromebook, you can get a "real" PC running a "real" OS -- a Windows computer that'll be compatible with all your Windows applications, instead of a Chromebook that only browses the Web and uses Web apps..

Admittedly, a Chromebook can be a remarkably nice, clean, uncluttered experience compared to your average Windows PC, which often come loaded with unnecessary software. Chromebooks also avoid some of the security risks that affect PCs. But if you had to pick between two practically identical computers, one with Chrome OS and one with Windows for just $20 more, would that uncluttered experience be worth leaving your Windows apps behind? That's a real choice in today's laptop market. And what if I told you that the Windows computers generally have just as much battery life, too? Battery life is one thing that the Chrome team finally figured out this year with machines like the Asus Chromebook Flip , which manages up to 12 hours on a charge -- but Windows machines can offer the same battery life at the same price .

A lot of people confuse Chrome OS with the Chrome Web browser, There's a good reason for that! While Chrome OS is technically a Linux-based operating system, it's basically the same damn browser, If you want to know what using Chrome OS is like, just fire up the Chrome Web browser on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine, and start installing some Web apps from the Chrome Web Store, It'll probably run a little slower than Chrome OS on the exact same hardware, but you get the idea: The experience is much the same across both install an iphone screen protector types of computers..

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