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The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office has already opened a criminal investigation into the fire and has said charges from murder to involuntary manslaughter are possible depending on the outcome of the investigation. Authorities have said they believe the fire’s origin was electrical in nature. But as of Thursday, the exact cause has not been determined, which is one reason the ATF electrical team from its Fire Research Laboratory in Maryland has been brought in. The ATF first arrived at the scene on Dec. 3.

Investigators have said the fire started in the rear of the lower floor, It had been speculated the fire may have started in a refrigerator, but that has been ruled out and the source and cause remain undetermined, Officials said it could be weeks until the cause is determined, The City Council on Thursday how to soften pointe shoes ratified a local state of emergency that would make the city eligible for state and federal funds to help cover expenses related to the fire, Also on Thursday, the U.S, House of Representatives observed a moment of silence for the fire victims, Prior to the moment of silence, Rep, Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, delivered remarks, “Last weekend, my home city of Oakland, California suffered a horrific tragedy, A devastating fire at an artists’ collective warehouse in the Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland killed 36 young, talented individuals.”..

Officials have said smoke from the fire spread up to the second floor where more than 70 people were attending an electronic dance party.  The fire moved so quickly  it was well-developed before the people upstairs realized what was happening, officials have said. The warehouse in the 1300 block of 31st Avenue in the Fruitvale District was known as a 24-hour artists commune but authorities have said there were also people living there, which was not a permitted use of the building.  There was also no permit for the party.

The search for victims ended late Tuesday night, Of the autopsies completed so far, the cause of death for the victims has been smoke inhalation, authorities said, The mapping personnel will put together a detailed overview of the warehouse’s two stories, The Oakland Fire Department is  the lead fire agency in the how to soften pointe shoes investigation but the ATF has had agents and other personnel at the site since Saturday, At  least 20 people from the fire department,  ATF,  and the district attorney’s office remain at the scene and Oakland police still have some streets in the area blocked off..

SAN JOSE — When Carlos Solorzano first went to the College of Adaptive Arts, he was scared of going to school. The special-needs student didn’t attend class. He just hid in the hallways, clung to his security blanket (a frayed old rope) and never ever spoke. In fact, he had been classified as “non verbal.”. Just a year later, the 23-year-old is a star student in his reading skills, acting and dance classes. He loves to draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, never misses a chance to bust a move when Michael Jackson music comes on, and has found the confidence to speak his truth.

Mercury News readers have been dedicated to helping people in need through Wish Book for 34 years, Click here to find out more and how to donate, He even took the microphone in front of huge crowd at a performance at Great America and shared one of school’s mottoes: “patience, passion, perseverance.”, “It’s been amazing for me as a parent, who always had high hopes for the education of my son, to see how he has blossomed at how to soften pointe shoes CAA,” says his mother, Rosa Solorzano, her words thick with emotion, “A lot of adult education is just babysitting, Here, they have opened the doors and he has walked through, Now he loves to be center stage.”..

Carlos Solorzano is still a man of few words, and he still keeps track of his trusty rope, but there’s no doubt that at the College of Adaptive Arts, he has located his voice. Down syndrome can’t keep him from expressing himself; he’s an avid dancer, and his signature move is a booty bump. “I’m Carlos, I like music,” he says, as he clicks on “Thriller” on his smartphone and begins to move to the beat. “Let’s find music.”. Solorzano is one of many students at the College of Adaptive Arts who are just starting to come out of their shell. The nonprofit organization opened in 2009 as a liberal arts conservatory for adults with disabilities. It started with a handful of students and now has 85 taking part in 31 classes, from puppetry and poetry to public speaking and math.

While most services for disabled young people end when they turn 22, the conservatory champions a lifetime of growth and learning, The students range in age from 18 to late 60s, “It’s been a miracle to watch Carlos come so far in just one year,” says Deanna Pursai, co-founder and executive director of the college, whose work is inspired by her sister Angel, who also has Down syndrome. “Developmentally, so many are just ‘waking up’ to who they are as adults, The arts give them a viable outlet to continue learning, expressing and being successful contributing how to soften pointe shoes citizens in their own right.”..

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