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Branham students and staff aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy themselves. “What’s unique about our prom is I don’t just invite students within our own district,” Hernandez said. “This is open to any high school student with a disability,” including those from Leigh, Saratoga, Prospect, Lynbrook, Cupertino, Westmont and other high schools. Although many students have graduated and moved on since the prom started, Hernandez said quite a few families continue to donate because of their children’s experience.

ANTIOCH — Among many things that her family loved about Elena “Ebbie” Mondragon was how she could make you laugh, They also wondered how she’d one day pass that down to her children, Michelle Mondragon shared tears and hugs how to put on ballet shoes with friends and family at a gathering in Knoll Park on Thursday to remember her daughter, who was shot and killed Tuesday by Fremont police. Authorities confirmed that Elena was in her first trimester of pregnancy, “She was just a good-hearted person, She was sarcastic and she didn’t mean to be funny,” she said, “She’s my second oldest and I was pretty young when I had her, Her M.O, was to protect her sisters and me, We’ve been a team.”..

Friends continued to pour in, honking their horn and shouting “Ebbie’s world.”. “She would not have been surprised (at the number of people),” the mother continued. “She knows what she meant to everybody. She was secure, confident. She was loved … is loved.”. The 16-year-old Antioch resident was one of four people in a vehicle that took off when Fremont detectives tried to pull it over about 5:20 p.m. Tuesday at the City View Apartment Homes at 25200 Carlos Bee Blvd., in Hayward. Police, who were seeking armed robbery suspects, say detectives fired when the vehicle they were looking for went into reverse and rammed them.

Two other people, a male and female, were arrested at the scene Tuesday, Hayward police spokesman Sgt, Ryan Cantrell said Thursday that the female was a teen and had since been released to her parents, Michelle Mondragon said she knew her daughter didn’t want to be there because Elena how to put on ballet shoes had called her to come pick her up in Hayward. “She didn’t think she would be gone that long, She called and wanted to come home,” she said, “She knew they wouldn’t take her all the way back here, so her dad went to pick her up.”..

Police arrested a fourth person suspected in the incident Wednesday on suspicion of multiple robberies. An arrest warrant had been issued for that person, whom police have not identified, and they wanted him for questioning. Police were “confident we have identified all the individuals related to the … incident and they are either in custody on unrelated charges or have been released to their parents, and there are no public safety risks associated to outstanding subjects,” Cantrell said.

The teen who was released to her parents told NBC Bay Area that she was Elena’s cousin, Although authorities confirmed Thursday that Elena was in her first trimester of pregnancy, Michelle Mondragon said that she wasn’t aware her daughter was pregnant, Michelle Mondragon knew how close Elena was to her family and her two sisters, saying they look so much alike that they are often mistaken for one another, Elena even shared a birthday with her younger how to put on ballet shoes brother Miguel and always put him first..

“Even though it was her day, she would walk to the store to get birthday cake for her little brother,” Michelle said. “She wanted to make sure her baby brother’s birthday started now.”. Elena’s uncle Miguel Minjares said her family had only just begun to process the news, and they were instead trying to remember the laughs. “She had what I’d call a common-sense sense of humor,” he said Thursday morning by phone. “She could observe anybody or any situation and make a well-timed, common-sense comment, and people would bust up.”.

Minjares said that the family wants answers about what happened, “I called the police, and they didn’t respond for a long time, But they did eventually, and I how to put on ballet shoes expressed our views, and they expressed theirs,” he said, “We have a lot of questions but respect the fact that we had the conversation.”, In the meantime, those who loved her are cherishing their memories, “She was just really goofy,” said her cousin, Nashaela Walters, 17, “She always wanted to dance when we were together, Hip-hop, She was pretty good, She’d do these moves that made us both laugh.”..

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