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Related ArticlesBlue Milk: Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge will offer 3 varieties of the signature ‘Star Wars’ drinkHow to make your own R2-D2 or BB-8 when Droid Depot opens at Disneyland’s Star Wars landIs Disneyland making a mistake with the way it’s opening Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?This is what the $125 per-person ‘Disney Princess Breakfast’ will includeCaptain Marvel makes her first appearance at the DisneylandIt started as something to do in 2012 – visit Disneyland every day. Now, more than five years later, Jeff Reitz, 44, of Huntington Beach, has passed through the Magic Kingdom’s turnstiles everyday since for 2,000 days in a row.

“It was something to do to keep things fun,” Reitz said Thursday morning, June 22, after walking through Sleeping Beauty Castle, His repeated visits have made him a bit of a celebrity; several television stations were there Thursday morning to record his 2,000th trip through the turnstile, Back in 2012, Reitz was going every day with his friend Tonya Mickesh of Lake Forest, Both were unemployed at the time, and used the daily visits as a way to keep their spirits up, Later that year, Reitz landed a job at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System, and Mickesh found employment too, After succeeding at going everyday that entire leap year, they were rewarded by the park with a night in how to glue toe caps on pointe shoes the Disneyland Dream Suite, Since then, the couple has gone their separate ways..

But Reitz kept going, and in 2014 he hit the 1,000-days-in-a-row mark. “It’s become a living breathing thing along the way,” the annual passholder said. He still visits daily, sometimes alone and sometimes with current girlfriend Karen Bell of Costa Mesa. Because of his job, his weekday visits are frequently in the late afternoons and evenings. On weekends, his visit times can vary. Reitz, a veteran of the Air Force, has memories of the theme park from when he was 2 years old and rode the Matterhorn – still his favorite attraction.

“I have memories of riding it with my mom and holding onto my blankie,” he said, “I love sitting in the front row, holding the handle and leaning into the turns.”, None of the attractions bother Reitz, how to glue toe caps on pointe shoes whether it’s riding in a boat going through “it’s a small world,” or flying up and down on “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!”, “There’s nothing I would turn away from, I’m looking forward to checking out the new dance show for kids at Disney Junior in Disney California Adventure,” Reitz said..

Along the way he’s met many celebrities, and tried the food at nearly every restaurant saying, “Pizza Port is my go to place. I love going there for the pasta and the soft drinks.”. He’s made many friends at the park, including a number of its cast members (what Disneyland calls its employees) and other regular visitors to the park. Many times he says he’ll just walk around or find a place to sit and watch people while listening to the area music. There is a specific routine for his daily visits: He always parks in the Mickey & Friends parking structure and has kept every parking ticket from every day. He always enters Disneyland first, before going across the Esplanade to visit Disney California Adventure. He posts several photos daily through social media too.

Thanks to the many visits, he how to glue toe caps on pointe shoes has advice for other, less regular, visitors; such as using the Disneyland app on their smart phones to keep up with wait times and ride closures, and to use Fastpasses for the really popular attractions, “The number one thing I tell people is to bring your patience, With the summer time crowds and the heat I tell people to relax and have fun.”, He admitted he does not know when he will stop going every day, “My current pass is good until January of 2018, then we’ll see.”..

DEAR AMY: I have a question about dancing etiquette. I am a middle-aged woman. My daughter and I recently attended a concert of the B-52s at a theater venue. Most of the audience members were my age. People were seated and quite stationary during the concert. I wanted to dance but didn’t want to bother anyone. Finally, a couple of people near the front started dancing, but the people in back of them complained that the dancers were blocking their view. Is there a right answer when it comes to dancing at a concert in a theater?.

DEAR WANNA DANCE: What kind of superhuman can stay seated during “Love Shack”? how to glue toe caps on pointe shoes (Not I…), Related ArticlesAsk Amy: This odd babysitting arrangement is making things awkwardAsk Amy: I thought I could count on my friends, Now I know I can’t.Ask Amy: We found out our college girl has an inappropriate boyfriendAsk Amy: He forgot our monthiversary, and I’m still hurtAsk Amy: I Googled my supervisor, and now I’m worriedI shared your question with my friend Dan Smalls, a concert promoter in New York and New England, who has dealt with acts ranging from Jackson Browne to Modest Mouse..

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