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Vazquez inhaled. “I said to him, “Hello, sir. I am Juanita Vazquez. I am the general manager. And I am Puerto Rican.”. That left him speechless. Later, she said, he approached the front desk and apologized. “I told my boss about it, and you know what?” she said, grinning. “He said, ‘Good job!’ ”. That kind of support, she said, makes her want to bring her younger sister, who works as a nurse, to Branson. Vazquez is coaxing her here with tickets to the wax museum, where they can take selfies with a faux Michael Jackson.

Across town, a pair of store owners questioned the need for the recruitment push on the island, “You have to wonder if this will drive wages down,” said Beth Burgess, standing behind the wood counter at Cadwell’s Downtown Flea Market, which sells old books and raccoon pelts, Two blocks up the street, at the Downtown Branson Visitor Center, Mike Peery, who how to clean gaynor minden pointe shoes has lived here more than a decade, lamented that locals can’t seem to fill the town’s openings, He doesn’t blame outsiders, though..

“So many people around here don’t want to work,” Peery said. “They have drug problems, tattoo problems, show-up-to-work problems.”. Karen Best, the mayor of Branson, has heard these complaints. She has assured residents that the recruits are Americans just like them — and vital to their town’s future. “I would love to give all of our jobs to folks in the mainland U.S.,” she said. “But we have more openings than we have folks to fill those jobs. And if those jobs aren’t filled, our tourism season doesn’t happen.”.

Celeste Cramer, director of recruitment and retention at CoxHealth, one of the region’s largest employers, said the hospital system recently hired 13 nurses from Puerto Rico and aims to “humanize” the recruits with Facebook posts, (“Ernesto Bravo Diaz originally wanted to be how to clean gaynor minden pointe shoes a doctor, but ultimately became a nurse because of the direct care they get to provide patients,” one mini-profile reads.), “There has been some miseducation,” Cramer said, When the company hired outsiders in the past, she said, some residents “thought we’d be hiring people at a cheaper rate, and that is not true.”..

Back at Big Cedar Lodge, Aviles, who grew up in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, ended his four-hour session of “Hispanics 101” by urging Branson employers to stay champions of Puerto Rican workers long after their first day on the job. “The worst thing I’ve seen is halfhearted efforts,” Aviles told the room. “If we go halfway, it never works out.”. According to his polling, Hispanics, like any people, have a wide variety of interests and views — but they tend to prioritize what folks in Branson also cherish: “faith, family, education and self-improvement,” he said.

Andrea Martinez-Marstall, a manager at nearby country club, nodded along and watched the faces around her, “You see people’s eyes light up for the first time,” said the California native with Mexican roots, “People aren’t just listening, They’re embracing, Accepting.”, She thought of how to clean gaynor minden pointe shoes co-workers in her past, who had joked about Mexicans and then clarified: Oh, you’re not like that, “I have been here for 19 years and have felt invisible for a long time,” she told Aviles after his presentation, shaking his hand, “The Ozarks needs this greatly.”..

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love Never Dies,” two Italian operas, and Oakland Symphony make my list of 10 cool things going on in SF Bay Area arts scene. 1 “Love Never Dies”: Andrew Lloyd Webber at first declined to call this musical a sequel to “Phantom of the Opera” even though the Phantom is in it, as is his beloved soprano Christine Daaé. Webber’s point is that he feels you don’t need to have seen “The Phantom” to enjoy “Love Never Dies,” but that seems moot anyway — everybody has seen “The Phantom,” haven’t they? In any event, the sequel/not-sequel sets the action in Coney Island, N.Y. and has been robustly retooled after it didn’t exactly wow critics in its 2010 London opening. The touring production lands in San Jose next week.

Details: Presented by Broadway San Jose; March 13-18; San Jose Center for the Performing Arts; $48-$153 (subject to how to clean gaynor minden pointe shoes change);, 2 Italian opera!: Works by two Italian composers are being presented this weekend and beyond, Island City Opera Company in Alameda is serving up Vincenzo Bellini’s bel campo work “La Sonnambula” (the sleepwalker), while Livermore Valley Opera offers Verdi’s explosive “Un Ballo in Maschera” (The Masked Ball), inspired by the real-life assassination of Sweden’s King Gustav III..

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