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Two days later, Eva Ng wrote back and reminded Bouchard that Satya Yuga, Almena and Bouchard were considered “one combined entity” for determining worthiness for the lease, calling his participation a “big part of this factor.” Ng mentioned his good credit score and payment history. The pair agreed to meet at the warehouse on Jan. 18, 2014, but two days before, Bouchard canceled: “My apologies to you, Eva. I had every intention to create the space, but for reasons previously stated I can no longer be … involved with Derick Ion Almena.”.

In the email, Bouchard provided contact information how much are pointe shoes for his attorney if Ng wanted to discuss “liability of the space.” Ng replied and again warned him not to leave, On Jan, 20, 2014, Bouchard emailed Eva Ng saying he is “distressed” by her reluctance to release him from the lease, explaining how Almena had altered her property without permission, including removing ventilation pipes and cutting a hole in the floor, Horowitz said that because Bouchard’s emails do not spell out “dangers” in the unapproved alterations to the building, Ng was not put on as significant notice as the electrical warnings the family received in other emails, In those communications, the Ngs balked at paying for electrical upgrades that Almena said needed to be done to provide consistent and safe electrical power to the warehouse..

OAKLAND — Documents obtained by the Bay Area News Group show that the lease Derick Almena and a partner signed for the Ghost Ship warehouse planned an illegal use from the very start — an artist collective that was not allowed under zoning laws — and that the building owner had approved the use. And two months after that document was signed, landlord Eva Ng was told that Almena was secretly making alterations to the building that went beyond the terms of the lease, but Ng made no apparent move to stop him.

“As I explained before, I can no longer work with Derick, He has altered how much are pointe shoes the property without your consent,” Nicholas Bouchard, Almena’s partner, wrote landlord Ng on Jan, 20, 2014, “I think you should exercise whatever remedies you have to immediately take possession of the property to prevent further damage.”, Related ArticlesJury selection in Ghost Ship trial set for AprilProminent Ghost Ship prosecutor resigns weeks before case goes to trialRather than appreciate the warning, Ng instead threatened Bouchard, a self-described experimental artist, with severe financial penalties if he withdrew from the lease he shared with Almena..

Running an arts collective at the warehouse would have required a conditional use permit from the city, officials said, but one was never obtained before or after the lease was signed Nov. 10, 2013. The document also helps illustrate just how far the Ghost Ship veered from the agreement with the Ngs. By the time the warehouse burned on Dec. 2, killing 36 people who were attending a dance party on the second floor, Almena had created and rented out several separate unpermitted living spaces inside the warehouse, which was cluttered with furniture, art, pianos, rugs and other items.

Living spaces were not permitted in the lease, which stated, “The (warehouse is) for the sole use as an how much are pointe shoes art collective, to build and create theatrical sets and offer workshops for community outreach, No other use is permitted without Landlord’s prior written consent.”, The lease and emails obtained by this news organization further clarify the murky landlord-tenant relationship between the Ngs and Almena, particularly showing a troubled start to the enterprise, The documents also raise more legal questions about responsibility for the massive fire..

Since the inferno, which sources say was caused by an overtaxed electrical supply, this news organization has discovered that police, fire and building officials had advance warning of a variety of fire safety issues at the cluttered Fruitvale arts space. Last month, the Bay Area News Group reported on emails that showed the Ngs were given notice of dangerous electrical problems — including a transformer fire in an adjacent space never reported to authorities — more than two years before the deadly fire, and had learned that tenants had installed power upgrades without city permits.

A criminal investigation by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office is ongoing, A lawsuit against the Ngs, Almena and others brought by victims’ families is in the early stages, Chor Ng, her daughter, Eva, and the Ng family have owned the building, a former milk-bottling plant, for more than 25 years, Neither the family how much are pointe shoes nor their attorney returned requests for comment, The seven-page, five-year lease was signed Nov, 10, 2013 with named tenants Almena, Bouchard and Satya Yuga LLC, the original limited liability company name attached to the Ghost Ship, which is not listed in California’s LLC database, The document specified that the monthly rent of $4,500 was to be sent to Ng at a Pleasanton post office box, or by direct deposit into her bank account, The tenants were responsible for paying all utilities..

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