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REDWOOD CITY — Phrasel L. Shelton, San Mateo County’s first African-American judge, could be a stern presence inside and outside the courtroom, but he was also known for being a “kind teacher” and a deeply devoted father. A memorial service for Shelton, who died Dec. 22 of injuries he suffered in a fall, is scheduled to take place 1 p.m. Saturday at the San Mateo County History Museum in Redwood City. He was 79. “He suffered no fools,” recalled San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti, who argued a number of cases in front of him. “There was no misbehavior or shenanigans in the courtroom with him. He had a real respect for the decorum.”.

That meant standing when you addressed the court, “You were not permitted to speak from your chair,” Guidotti said with a laugh, “and he would look straight at you and he would say, ‘counsel, you stand when you address the court.'”, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe described the judge as a “kind teacher.” Early in his career, the prosecutor was called back to Shelton’s chambers, where the judge pointed to a portrait of Hubert Humphrey — the 38th vice president of the freed brown pointe shoes United States and an early proponent of civil rights — and admonished him to “never deviate from what is right.”..

“Even when he ruled against me, he did so with logic and reason, and he believed he was doing the right thing,” Wagstaffe said. Jennifer Shelton, one of the judge’s four daughters, said her father could be just as serious at home, but it was evident to her and her sisters just how much he loved them. “He was a hard one to read, because he was a really quiet man,” she said. “He never spoke unless he had something important to say. He just listened. I think that was part of being judge. He was used to absorbing. When he did speak, it was something profound.”.

Another daughter, Sarah Shelton, recalled how her father would help her talk through problems, “He’d never say ‘wrong decision, right decision,'” she said, “He would just say, ‘you have the answers.’ He really believed in all of us, To this day, I’m so grateful that he didn’t just tell me what to think, He taught me how to think and how to get to those answers.”, As serious as he was, the judge knew how to have a good time, “He loved to dance,” freed brown pointe shoes Sarah Shelton said, “We would have evenings when he would swing us all around.”..

Phrasel L. Shelton was born in Colfax, La., on May 1, 1938, to Annie Mae Murphy and Herman L. Shelton and was raised by his grandparents, Ellen Brown Murphy and Ezekiel Murphy on a 25-acre farm. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Shelton enrolled at the University of San Francisco, graduating in 1965 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He moved to Omaha, Neb., where he attended Creighton University School of Law. In 1968, he was the school’s second African-American graduate. Shelton worked in the antitrust division of the U.S. Department of Justice, then served as a public defender in Monterey and later opened a private practice in San Mateo.

In 1976, Shelton became San Mateo County’s first African-American judge when then-Gov, Jerry Brown appointed him to the Municipal Court, which has since freed brown pointe shoes merged with the Superior Court, “I knew how important his role was in the community but it wasn’t something that he would talk about,” Jennifer said, In 1988, then-Gov, George Deukmejian named Shelton to the San Mateo County Superior Court, He retired in 2004 after nearly 30 years of service but spent another five years on the bench in Southern California through the state’s Assigned Judges Program..

Shelton is survived by his mother Ann Mae Pitts; his wife Charla Rolland Shelton; his four daughters, Amy Elizabeth Shelton, Sarah Merylee Shelton, Jennifer Ellen Shelton-Frates and Rebecca Emily Shelton; son-in-laws John Shelton and Michael Shelton-Frates; and granddaughter Ella Mae Shelton-Frates. Related ArticlesDick Dale, ‘King of the Surf Guitar,’ dead at 81Friends, family give colorful send-off to Northern California brothers killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash‘Mighty Joe Knowland,’ former Oakland Tribune publisher, dies at 88‘Let’s hope heaven is a half pipe’: Skateboarding legend Jake Phelps mournedBirch Bayh, Indiana senator who championed Title IX, dies at 91In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Court Appointed Special Advocates of San Mateo County. For more information, call 650-517-5849 or visit

By Danielle freed brown pointe shoes Paquette | Washington Post, The Humane Society announced Friday that chief executive Wayne Pacelle had resigned, one day after the organization’s board had decided to keep him in place in the face of multiple sexual harassment complaints, The board named Kitty Block, an attorney who is president of Humane Society’s international affiliate, as acting chief executive, “The last few days have been very hard for our entire family of staff and supporters,” said Rick Bernthal, Chairman of the Board of The HSUS, “We are profoundly grateful for Wayne’s unparalleled level of accomplishments and service to the cause of animal protection and welfare.”..

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