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In Paris, 64GB models were the top pick among those interviewed, but in London, 128GB devices were the top pick, in rose gold. Shaikh said that he was "quite impressed" with the color of the phone now that he'd seen it in person. "I'd seen the Apple Watch, which is in rose gold, and I like it."On the eve of Apple's iPhone 6S launch in Manhattan, there were road closures, a heavy police presence and tens of thousands of the faithful crowding the streets. No wait, that wasn't for the iPhone. That was for the pope.

There are few things in this world that can trump an iPhone event, and His Holiness, who touched down in New York on Thursday night, is certainly one of them, At Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue store, with its iconic glass cube entrance, the hundreds of folks waiting in line for Apple's newest smartphone were temporarily swallowed up Thursday evening by a crowd of thousands watching the pope's convoy drive by to St, Patrick's Cathedral down the frame n go iphone case street, Asked Friday morning which he thought was more important -- the new iPhone or the pope -- Andreas Frantzis, an 18-year-old from Queens, said: "Well, I'm in this line, so the iPhone to me."The line at the Fifth Avenue store on Friday was markedly smaller than last year's massive crowd for the iPhone 6, Ahead of the store's opening, the snaking lines of customers fit snugly inside the surrounding plaza and didn't flood onto the sidewalks and clear around several street corners, as they did last year..

That's good news for Salman Alotaibi, an 18-year-old from Kuwait, who came to visit New York to take part in the Apple line and purchase a new rose gold iPhone 6S Plus. He'd been waiting in line for three days; some others ahead of him were waiting for more than two weeks. "If you ask, 'You want to go to Disneyland or wait in an Apple line,' I will wait," he said with a big smile. In San Francisco, some people started lining up more than two days before the phone launched. But many others had no issues arriving Friday morning and quickly getting their new iPhones.

Last year, lines snaked around three sides of the downtown city block housing Apple's Stockton Street store, including on Powell Street alongside the city's famed cable cars, Friday, the line frame n go iphone case only stretched along one side of the block, Apple store employees handed out coffee and bagels to people waiting in line, while construction on a new transportation line went on outside the store's front doors, Keegan Cooper, an 18-year-old worker at California State University in Hayward, arrived at 7 a.m, on Thursday to be toward the front of the line, He wanted to upgrade his iPhone 5S to the 16GB iPhone 6S Plus in space gray..

"I've always wanted to do this since the iPhone 4 came out," he said. "You get to meet new people."Next to Cooper in line was Pouya Halvaei, a 17-year-old student from Iran who was in San Francisco on vacation. He planned to buy the 64GB iPhone 6S in space gray for himself and the rose gold version for his mother, a big step up from his current iPhone 4. "I just happened to be here at the right place at the right time," he said. If Halvaei bought the iPhone from a vendor in Iran, it would cost double the amount as in the US, he said.

Tony N., who asked that his full name not be used, was buying two iPhone 6S Plus phones to sell in his home country of Argentina, one of the places without an Apple store and without access to the phone Friday, He, and a couple of friends waiting with him, arrived at the store at 2 a.m, to purchase last-minute orders for people in Argentina, They frame n go iphone case also had ordered many iPhones online, with plans to send about 15 devices back to people who'd prepaid for them in Argentina, He sells the iPhone 6S Plus with 64GB of storage for about $1,600, about double the purchase price in the US..

"I usually travel here every September," he said. Selling iPhones to Argentinians "can pay for the trip."Editor's note: This story has been updated several times throughout the day. From a robot in line in Sydney to the crowds for the visiting pope in New York, this year's iPhone launch festivities had a few extra wrinkles. No, this isn't the beginning of a joke: The pope, a robot and shorter lines shook up the usual iPhone launch day routine. While some Apple fans showed up at stores around the world early, with queues forming days ahead of time in Sydney and San Francisco, many of the lines were shorter than in years past, possibly a sign that consumers just aren't as excited by new smartphones as they used to be.

Apple's latest smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, are hitting stores around the world Friday, Shown here are the first three buyers at the Apple store in Sydney, Australia, The first iPhone 6S buyers in Sydney show off their smartphones, Jonathan Pierrard emerges from the Apple store with his new 64GB space-gray iPhone 6S, the first to be sold in Paris, In Paris, Jonathan Pierrard was first in line for an iPhone 6S, The 26-year-old bicycle mechanic drove 4 hours from Belgium and waited 24 hours in frame n go iphone case line..

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