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"I know people like to frame this argument as privacy versus national security. That is overly simplistic and it is not true," Cook said. "This is also about public safety. The smartphone that you carry has more information about you on it than probably any other singular device."Apple has until Friday to respond to the court order, and a hearing is set for March 22 in US District Court for the Central District of California in Riverside. Apple has said it will fight the government's request all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, and will reportedly turn to the First Amendment to defend its stance.

"Some things are hard and some things are right, And some things are both," Cook said in the interview, "This is one of those things."Update, 4:50 p.m, PT: Adds more from Cook's interview on the ABC f boy repellent iphone case News program "World News Tonight with David Muir."In an interview with ABC News, Apple's CEO reiterates that helping the FBI unlock an iPhone linked to a terrorist attack would set a dangerous precedent, CEO Tim Cook believes Apple is making the right choice, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

No surprise the world's No. 1 phone company had one of the biggest booths of MWC 2016. It had a huge Gear VR experience zone with motion seating for a rollercoaster ride, plus a memory lane filled with some of Samsung's most important phones from the past four decades. Oh, and the Samsung Galaxy S7. Innovation City was a big booth full of amazing ideas from many different companies, from smart bikes and connected cars to VR ski jumping and demos of live-streaming 360 videos over 5G. Ford had a big booth and even announced its new model Kuga at the show. As cars get smarter and more connected they're becoming a big focus of attention at Mobile World Congress.

LG showed off its new LG G5 with its modular concept for adding on extra features to the handset through snap-on accessories, Nokia had a massive booth at Mobile World Congress, While the focus of the stand was on 5G network technologies and even a VR camera, the Nokia CEO confirmed the company will return to making phones in the near future, Sony has revamped its Xperia phone line f boy repellent iphone case up at Mobile World Congress, announcing the Xperia X range as well as a smart Bluetooth earpiece that will read you useful information throughout your day, the Xperia Ear..

SK Telecom is Korea's largest phone carrier, regularly the world first with the most advanced network technologies. In a few years they are likely to be the first to market with 5G networks. That yellow submarine was a VR experience. A surprise launch for the Huawei MateBook, a 2-in-1 Surface-style notebook, meant Huawei's booth focused on its first laptop instead of phones. Maybe a slick new laptop from the world's No. 3 phone maker will help raise its profile outside its Asian comfort zone. Lenovo rolled out a full suite of new products at Mobile World Congress: phones, tablets and hybrid laptops.

Microsoft didn't f boy repellent iphone case make big announcements of its own here but still had a big stand, a first chance for many to get a good look at the new Lumia 650, The makers of Snapdragon processors had a very big booth, showing everything from car infotainment systems to 5G technologies, A clever "invisible museum" area offered an augmented-reality experience looking at how 5G and the Internet of Things would deliver next-generation cities and homes, T-Mobile had a unique and eye-catching design for its booth at Mobile World Congress 2016..

A longtime "white label" phone maker that made phones for carriers to rebadge as their own, ZTE is one of the Chinese phone makers putting their own names up in lights now with a very prominent booth at Mobile World Congress. Cisco's booth at Mobile World Congress 2016. Intel's booth at Mobile World Congress 2016. IBM's booth at Mobile World Congress 2016. Telefonica's booth at Mobile World Congress 2016. Telefonica is Spain's biggest phone carrier. Oracle's booth at Mobile World Congress 2016. VMware's booth at Mobile World Congress 2016.

Gionee's f boy repellent iphone case S8, making its debut at Mobile World Congress, features a wholesale ripoff of Apple's 3D Touch feature as it selling point, Unfortunately, there's not much you can do with it for now, apart from accessing quick menus and unlocking the phone, The Gionee S8 has a feature for unlocking the phone with 3D Touch, but you'll have to turn it on first, The Gionee S8 also lets you clone WhatsApp and WeChat messaging apps, These apps are usually limited to one number per phone, but cloning allows you to use two different accounts, so you can technically send a message to yourself..

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