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“Peeps are very sticky to work with. But they tend to get wrinkled when they are stale,” said Rod Bland of St. Paul, who received honorable mention with a DNA-themed diorama. As an artist, he’s searching for the perfectly aged Peep. “There is a sweet-spot in there somewhere,” he said. “Moby Peep,” by Katie Ramsayer of Washington, D.C. In this marshmallow masterpiece, Moby bursts through the waves in his mini-marshmallow glory, lanced with toothpicks hand-dyed in walnut stain. Captain Ahab, one leg replaced by a peg leg, commands the pursuit boat, as Queequeg and other crew members cower in fear.

At least, it’s probably fear, Bunnies aren’t good at revealing their emotions, Starbuck, one of the characters in the book, has a barista apron from the coffee-chain Starbucks, Chick-shaped Peeps hover overhead, carrying a banner like a couple of angels from heaven, Ramsayer’s attention to detail is impeccable: A ship in the background is 2 inches long, with a single Peep-speck as a captain, and a figurehead the size of a rice-grain, “We ermes dance shoes definitely wanted to stay away from politics,” said Helen Fields, a friend of Ramsayer’s who helped with the project, “But I do have a whale obsession.”..

“Beauty and the Peep,” by Sarah Lillie of St. Paul. The passion, the fright, the gender commentary of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” was rendered — albeit a bit silly — by the second-place winner. The diorama was the product of Lillie and her arts-and-crafts group called Ladies Creating Stuff. “We thought of the women’s march and of Prince, and then thought that everyone else would be doing that,” said Lillie. The diorama uses Chiclets — dozens of them, lined up along shelves, hand-painted to resemble books. Detail is everything in this entry, right down to the pipe-cleaner candelabra. The “beast” is crowned with a golden mane of doll’s hair.

“Peeple Rain,” by Jim Tarara of Woodbury, Although not the only Prince-themed diorama, this entry’s craftsmanship pushed it to the top, And the fact that the title is the best Peeps pun of 2017, Tarara — with wife Paige and children Alison, 21, Meagan, 19, and Mike, 14 — worked tirelessly on this depiction of the ermes dance shoes Purple One at First Avenue in Minneapolis, They even took a field trip to the club, to be sure the stage and floor plan were accurately portrayed, They checked out the white stars on the walls with names of visiting bands — and made tiny stars by hand for their diorama..

Tarara found guitars online and even a Peep-sized Coca-Cola bottle, so one of the fans in the diorama wouldn’t be thirsty. His children, said Tarara, did most of the work. “I am an engineer by trade, which goes against being craftsy,” he said. “But my kids are very craftsy.”. In the video category, “2017: A Peep Odyssey” was easily the best. Winner Michael Quinn crafted a parody of “2001: A Space Odyssey” right down to the asteroids that look suspiciously like chocolate eggs. Human history begins with cave-Peeps discovering tools, and later fly in spacecraft.

The San Jose Museum of Art didn’t have to look far for a new executive director to replace the departed Susan Krane: The board tapped Susan Sayre Batton, who had been serving as interim director for two months, for the job, Museum Board President Hildy Shandell introduced Batton as the new Oshman Executive Director at a members’ reception earlier this month, “The board realized that ermes dance shoes right here we had our diamond, the exact right person to lead this organization over the next — many, many, many — years,” Shandell said..

Batton — who goes by Sayre, not Susan — has an outgoing personality that showed from the moment she took the podium after the announcement. Telling the crowd she wanted to thank everyone who had been supportive by name, she flung out a roll of receipt tape that unfurled on the museum floor. It was a memorable first appearance and showed why hiring her was a smart move on the museum’s part: She already has a good handle on the museum, its patrons and the community around it. Batton came to the Museum of Art in October 2015 from the East Coast to be its deputy director for curatorial affairs. In that role, she was instrumental in developing collaborative relationships with other museums for exhibitions and acquisitions. She also made a strong move last year in hiring San Jose native Lauren Schell Dickens from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., to be the museum’s curator.

“I was really drawn to the San Jose Museum of Art’s focus on community engagement,” Batton said, “When you ermes dance shoes think about taking a job, the community matters, I just think we can build upon the strengths here and do bigger and better community engagement.”, A GOOD CLIP: Cheers to the 100-plus men, women and kids who volunteered to have their hair cut or their heads shaved for the “Tech Conquers Childhood Cancer” fundraiser at SAP Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto offices last Wednesday, The event brought in more than $200,000 for the St, Baldrick’s Foundation to support childhood cancer research..

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