The flight

The flight consists in gliding down 5550ft (1.69 km) of difference in height which takes at least 20 minutes. In case the thermal condition of the day allows it, we will try to fly for a longer period.

Once we are over the lake we will ask you if you want to increase the level of adrenaline in your blood by doing some wing overs or some spirals. We will explain you during the flight in what this safe maneuvers consist.  Sometimes our clients start screaming out their happiness, don’t be shy your happiness makes us pilots also happy !

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Flight costs :

  • low season euros 150
  • high season euros 170    (July / August / September)

included are the ticket for the cable car ride, the movie of the whole flight in HD quality which we will give you on a SD-card after the landing, the insurance and lots of fun !

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For information or to book a flight session contact:

Phone +39 347 9600730

We are happy to explain you how we operate and provide all the necessary information.