Tandem flights

Who has never dreamed to fly like a bird, without the noise of an engine, just with the sound of the nature ?  Try this unique experience! 

Paraglider Tandem flying with us is very easy. We agree on the meeting date and time, and then we drive together with the cablecar up onto the Montebaldo.

After stepping out we walk together 10 minutes to the takeoff, as soon we walk over the top of the hill you will start to appreciate the stunning view and will see already the takeoff which consists in a huge meadow area with a nice slight slope which gives us the possibility to make the takeoff easy and safe.

Once we are at the takeoff we will prepare the glider by laying it down carefully onto the meadow, we will attach us onto the harnesses and do all necessary safety checks. This preparation will take us all together around 15 minutes. Once we are attached to the glider we just wait for the right breeze and then with a few long steps we are already gliding through the air!

The first time it’s quite normal to be a little nervous before the takeoff, but as soon we start to glide through the air you will immediately realize how stable and safe paragliding is.
Some passengers say that it is like dreaming with open eyes but it is difficult to describe the mixed sensations you get from this perspective… The perspective of an Eagle !

The Landing is even easier than the takeoff.
We are a group of professional local paraglider tandempilots, and we can bring into the air groups of passengers simultaneously.

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