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Each character symbolizes part of Golding’s personal experience living in the World War II era. The boys represent good, evil, survival and society’s portrayal of manhood at the time, according to director Tony Kienitz. Taking on the role of the protagonist Ralph is Palo Alto resident Jackson Wylder. He says the character tries to bring order to the group of boys and is focused on getting off the island. “He is a character that has aspects of every part of society,” Wylder says, adding his character is able to give him a variety of emotions to explore as an actor. “He’s not perfect. He isn’t the nicest, but he also isn’t the meanest.”.

Opposite Wylder is Raymond McCarthy, a Saratoga High School graduate, who plays Jack, As one of the older characters in the story, Jack quickly makes himself leader of the boys and is more focused on hunting animals and eventually some of the other boys, most notably Ralph, Noah Crawford, 12, of Los Altos, is the youngest cast member and plays Percival, demi pointe shoes ebay a character who starts out as an innocent boy and then quickly changes to fit in with the other boys, the hunters of the island, “As Percival, I represent innocence, but there are parts during the dance around the pig when I really let savageness show,” Crawford says, “He keeps to himself in a lot of moments, but he also plays a big role in the plot at key moments.”..

Each of the actors believes they could survive together after learning from the mistakes the boys made in “Lord of the Flies.”. “I was a Boy Scout, so I know how to build a fire and stuff,” says Campbell resident Antonio Rojas. Rojas plays Piggy, the confidant of Ralph, who tries to establish order on the island among the boys. “I would just listen and help whenever I could. If there was a dispute, I would try to stop it. I would call a meeting.”. When asked if girls would fare better or worse if they were stranded under similar circumstances, many cast members said female castaways would probably have a better chance of survival.

“I would think in this situation especially that when it comes to leadership and forming a group and sticking together, women would be a bit more civilized about it and much more levelheaded,” says Troy King, a Campbell resident who plays Bill, one of Jack’s followers, “I also think in this situation, they’d be more focused on survival and getting off the island than playing around and hunting.”, And no hypothetical “stranded on an island” scenario is complete without asking demi pointe shoes ebay which item each cast member would bring if they ever found themselves in such a situation..

Our globetrotting readers have been traveling around the world, visiting Australia, Argentina, Iceland and more. Now they’re sharing images and travel tips in one of our most beloved reader features, Wish You Were Here. ARGENTINA: In January, Pacifica residents Angela Eslava and Butch Gomez visited Buenos Aires, “a great city to walk,” Angela says. “This is Puerto Madero, the newest part of the city — very nice restaurants, but no need to go to the 4 or 5-star restaurants for a good meal. There is plenty of beef everywhere!”.

Travel tip: “If you are there on a demi pointe shoes ebay weekend, go to the San Telmo fair on Sundays, It’s a big flea market and they have a tango show in the main plaza, if you didn’t catch one of the dinner tango shows.”, AUSTRALIA: Menlo Park resident Sandy Bardas’ recent visit to Perth to see her daughter, Tamara, included a stop at the Botanical Garden “had so many specialty areas, it was like taking a walk through the world,” Sandy says, “When you visit Australia, go west, There’s more to the country than just Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef.”..

Travel tips: “South of Perth, Fremantle is located at the foot of the Swan River and on the shores of the Indian Ocean. See the prison built by convict labor in 1850. Tour the wine country of the Margaret River region and try your skill at surfing the big waves at Surfers Point, Prevelly.”. MEXICO: Oakland resident Barry Gantt took a breather on the Puerto Vallarta embarcadero after “sea legs and land legs morphed into dance legs,” he says, “on a New Year’s week jazz cruise to Mexico with the excellent and service-friendly Holland America Line.”.

Travel tips: “When the cruise ship docks in Mazatlán, follow the blue stripes on the median of the street, and you’ll get free advice from U.S, ex-pat volunteers about where to eat and the best places to visit demi pointe shoes ebay — in English.”, ICELAND: Hayward residents Karen and Tom Fuller visited Iceland in March with an itinerary that included the Blue Lagoon, earthquake faults, Northern Lights, a Game of Thrones location tour, geysers and historic museums, It’s “a great place to look for trolls and elves,” Karen says..

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