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Riley was sad when she found out that the Best Buddies (a program for special needs students like her) have a day at Disneyland. For Riley, the key word in that sentence is “day.” Some of her friends at school – Shelby, Jimmy Quick and Katie Swanson – promised to meet her at Disneyland at night. “Those kids are totally amazing,” said Robin Triepke-Harris, who is Riley’s one-on-one special education aide at school. “They have really kind hearts. They genuinely care about other people. Riley feels all the love.”.

Shelby, Jimmy and Katie have made it a habit of dropping by the McCoy house on Saturday nights, They’ve taken Riley to the movies, dinner, Christmas boat parade, amusement parks and backyard pools – all under the light of the moon, Sometimes, they just come over to watch television, Along the way, because she is a teenage girl, Jimmy got a lot of Riley’s attention, Before Kenny, there was Jimmy, All the girls had crushes on Jimmy, He met Riley in a dance class, He was a sophomore, She was a freshman, Riley was awkward, stumbling through the moves, but she kept trying, Jimmy custom pointe shoes was impressed with that..

“I have never met someone with such a positive attitude,” said Jimmy, who is now a freshman at Belmont University in Tennessee. “Riley has so much light in her. She projects light on people. She makes people happy.”. Jimmy became dinner table conversation at the McCoy house. And breakfast conversation, and lunch conversation and every conversation in between. Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy. During a pep rally when Jimmy was a senior at Dana Hills, a video showed a series of girls describing their first crush. “Jimmy Quick,” the first girl said. Five times in a row, each girl said, “Jimmy Quick.”.

Then Jimmy’s face flashed on the video screen, “Sorry,” custom pointe shoes Jimmy said, “I like boys.”, Jimmy Quick felt comfortable enough in the Dana Hills environment to come out during a school assembly, “There was a lot of cheering,” Jimmy said, “It was a good thing, There is something about Dana that is so special.”, Riley had to try to wrap her head around the idea that Jimmy would never be her boyfriend, Pam McCoy said Riley watched “Glee,” a show featuring more than one gay teenager, “She knew what gay was,” Pam said..

Riley approached Jimmy after the assembly. “I still think the world of you,” she said. Riley had a decision to make. Should she still ask Kenny to the winter formal even after she heard that he might not be going this year?. Kenny met Riley in drama class last year. The teacher had given them an assignment to perform a scene from “High School Musical 2.” Kenny already had a partner, but when he saw Riley didn’t have one, he asked if he could do the scene with her. He played Troy, and she played Gabriella – high school sweethearts. Those roles were played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in the movie.

After working on that scene together, Riley was smitten, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, Last month, Kenny heard that Riley might ask him to the dance, At first, he hesitated, “I was custom pointe shoes sad,” Riley said, “Then I started thinking she might not have this opportunity again,” Kenny said, What happened next is a moment Riley will never forget. Kenny sent Riley a text telling her he would love to go to the dance with her, Three words can describe her feelings, “I was very surprised,” Riley said..

Technically, the winter formal is a girl-ask-guy event. So Riley made a poster: “Will you be Troy to my Gabriella?”. Kenny said yes. And she asked him if he would take her to the dance alone, without friends, so it would be – officially – her first date. Kenny said yes again. Riley chose dark blue. She wore a floral dress. He wore a vest and a tie. They took photos at Kenny’s house. Riley pinned on his boutonniere. Kenny gave her a white corsage. He took her to Red Robin at the Irvine Spectrum for dinner. The dance was held at AV Irvine.

“I could tell she was the happiest she had custom pointe shoes ever been,” Kenny said, They slow danced together, Kenny said they started a few inches apart, He could feel Riley leaning in, By the end, they were hugging tightly, Related ArticlesRiley McCoy, the California girl who can’t go out in the sun, might become homecoming queen tonightHomecoming queen dream comes true for California girl who can’t go out in the sunAmy Valencia, Riley’s friend who helped her make the poster, said the dance was perfect..

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