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PAUL NOLTE, PORTFOLIO MANAGER, KINGSVIEW ASSET MANAGEMENT, CHICAGO. “From my perspective, it’s interest rates. We thought we would get a pause here at 3, 3.1 percent on the 10-year bond and we kind of blew through that. We have inflation numbers this morning that were slightly hot and we have CPI tomorrow so we have something more to worry about. And the Treasury auction that didn’t go all that fabulous, so we have a lot of supply coming on the market, not a ton of demand, and that is pushing interest rates up. You have got investors now fretting.”.

MONA MAHAJAN, U.S, INVESTMENT STRATEGIST, ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORS, NEW YORK, “More than 50 percent of 10 percent corrections either end or cufflinks amazon occur in October, A 5 to 10 percent correction is likely here, We saw a similar thing happen in February when rates moved up and we had a 10 percent correction as the market digested that, When we take a step back and look at the fundamentals picture there still some things to be positive about including a very strong U.S, economy and earnings growth that will probably reach over 20 percent this year..

“We’re in a time period where growth is robust and inflation, while there’s a pickup in chatter about inflation, the numbers have been somewhat benign. It’s a pretty good environment for investors still. “Six months following midterms tend to be quite strong and November and December tend to be quite strong.  Whether or not that repeats I don’t know but if we are setting up for something similar, this could be an interesting buying opportunity. “The economy can probably absorb this rate move without seeing too much dislocation or economic deterioration.  The markets are a little startled by the speed of it.

“The market is digesting the potential that rates moving  upwards eventually seep into the real economy in the form of mortgage rates, auto rates, student lending rates … What we’re seeing here is the market positioning for potential lower  growth going forward, “We may see some of this reverse as we head into the end  of the year, That’s what we’re hopeful cufflinks amazon for if the U.S, economic story remains intact, It’s still intact, Fundamentals haven’t changed materially.”..

STOCKS: The Dow .DJI was down 542 points, or 2.05 percent on track for its biggest daily percentage fall since April 6. The S&P 500 .SPX, was 2.06 percent lower also threatening the sharpest fall since April 6. The tech-heavy Nasdaq .IXIC was down 2.52 percent, tracking for its sharpest fall since April 2. TREASURIES: The yield on the U.S. 10-year Treasury note firmed to 3.2215 percent. VIX: The Cboe volatility index .VIX jumped 26 percent to 20.03, its highest since April 11. Dollar: The U.S. dollar index was off 0.25 percent.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The federal government will tighten rules on foreign investment in sensitive industries like technology and telecommunications next month, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday, as it starts to enforce a law aimed at curbing Chinese investment in 27 sensitive sectors, The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) reviews mergers and stock purchases to ensure they do not harm national security, It was strengthened by legislation in the National Defense Authorization Act that cufflinks amazon was signed into law in August..

Much of the panel’s highest profile work focuses on Chinese companies, many with government links, which have tried to buy U.S. high-end semiconductor makers and other tech companies. The 27 industries include telecommunications and semiconductors as well as aircraft manufacturing, including engines and engine parts, aluminum production, computer storage devices, guided missiles and other military equipment. Investments in these sectors must be reported to the committee if the foreign investor’s role would allow access to non-public information or afford power to nominate a board member or make other substantial decisions, the department said.

CFIUS will have the option to approve a deal within 30 days or open a fuller investigation, the department said, cufflinks amazon “These temporary regulations address specific risks to U.S, critical technology while informing the development of final regulations,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a statement, The pilot program is scheduled to begin on Nov, 10 and run for more than a year while formal, permanent rules are being written, a senior administration official said, The interim regulations would likely lead to more filings with the committee, said Sylwia Lis, of the law firm Baker McKenzie, “It has a significant impact,” she said..

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