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LG, on the other hand, brought something really unique and unexpected with its G5, a modular design that lets you attach accessories directly to the phone. Google is developing something similar with its Project Ara, but LG is actually bringing the concept to consumer, even if it is in a limited way. The fast processor and dual cameras, which let you take wide angle shots, round out a phone that we haven't quite seen before. It's cool and very promising. Meanwhile, other phone companies struggled to get noticed. HTC's One X9 is pretty, but its specs are largely uninspiring and HTC did little more than send out a press release. To me, The X9 just doesn't quite seem worthy of the One name (fortunately, the company is promising better things to come). Sony's new Xperia X Performance and Xperia X are a little more exciting, but they also got lost in the S7 and G5 noise. What's more, Sony launched its handsets the day after Samsung's and LG's events at a low-key, standing-room-only affair at its booth. It showed that presentation still matters, and the bigger launch show you put on, the more attention you'll build. Take advantage of the global audience at a trade show to push your best phones hard.

Don't believe naysayers that phone innovation has plateaued, It's out there, you just have to look harder to find it, Beyond LG's snap-on accessories and Samsung's increasingly cost of iphone screen protector long kitchen-sink feature list, other companies were pushing the envelope even more, Take, for example, the Cat S60, a phone with infrared heat mapping, It's been a popular device with CNET readers so far, and the company's booth on the show floor was packed, We also saw how an Israeli company is pushing the frontiers of phone cameras, a battery from Oppo that can fully charge in 16 minutes, and how Kyocera is developing the future of waterproof phones..

The Cat S60 can see through walls. If anything was missing from MWC, it was wearables (other than VR, of course). Outside of the Haier Watch and a couple of new running watches from Garmin, smartwatches, fitness trackers and other such gadgets were hard to find. Last year there were quite a few, and we even saw a generous amount of new devices just last month at CES. Yes, wearable sales are way up, but according to industry watchdog IDC, three companies -- Fitbit, Xiaomi and Apple -- were responsible for more than half the sales in 2015. It's not surprising to think that other manufacturers are looking at those numbers and trying to figure out where they fit in.

The next generation of mobile was on a lot of MWC minds, Sure, some of you may not even have great 4G (fourth-generation wireless) coverage, but the wireless industry is always moving forward, Just don't get too anxious, though, as the 5G revolution won't arrive anytime soon, MWC also cast cost of iphone screen protector light on the disparity between our attitudes toward mobile in the developed and developing worlds, The focus on 5G has been all about connecting things to the Internet, when in fact the report released on Internet affordability earlier this week showed that much of the world doesn't even have access to the basics..

In his keynote speech on Monday, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that while a small section of the connected world is racing to embrace next-generation technology, the majority of people, including large swaths of Europe and the US, are still using a 2G, a technology that is 25 years old. Zuckerberg cautioned that the gap between the small wealthy majority and everyone else is only going to widen if we keep going the way we are. But then he also added that 5G was totally necessary to fulfill his ambitions for Facebook and VR.

Katie Collins contributed to this report, What mobile tech dominated our week in Barcelona? The answer cost of iphone screen protector may surprise you, We came, we saw, we mobiled, The biggest wireless tech show of the year is wrapping up today in sunny Barcelona, And it's been a week of gadgets of all stripes, splashy product launches complete with special guests and football fields (either kind of football applies), and established and upstart companies vying for attention, Throw in a transit strike, thousands attendees from all around the globe, and a heaping helping of jamón and you get the sprawling affair that is Mobile World Congress..

See what our editors had to say about the Galaxy S7 and Edge. Maybe I just won't brush my teeth from now on! What do you think of that, Mr..brush.. This CAT smartphone has a thermal imaging camera built-in, made by Flir. You'll be able to customize the LG G5 with different parts, like Mr. Potato Head. The two biggest phones at MWC go head-to-head. This smartphone gauntlet looks like a cool idea, but would you actually wear one?. We give these poor people only 15 seconds to pitch us their ideas. One guy does it in three.

They probably don't want to hear about your personal problems either, Everyone's been asking for this, right? No? No one wants to do this? Hey, cost of iphone screen protector come back, Many MWC rules were broken in the making of this video, Missed out on all the cool tech that was announced in Barcelona? We've got you covered, Our kick-ass team in Barcelona survived another year at Mobile World Congress, and we have the lowdown on all the new tech you might've missed out on during the week, The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature expandable storage and a water-resistant casing, I'd like to see an iPhone do that, No really, I would..

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