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And, as a frequent participant in demonstrations in Oakland, Sam has made it a habit to let his parents know that he had made it through the protests in one piece. So, on the night of Dec. 2, when Wendi received a cryptic text message from her only child saying, “I’m alive. I’m out,” she didn’t think too much of it. She responded, joking about whether he was referring to a recent cold. It wasn’t until the morning that she realized how close she came to losing him. By that point, Sam had already asked his friends to take him to Oakland’s Highland Hospital.

Wendi said she spoke briefly with him on the phone in the morning before the doctors told her his throat was beginning to swell shut and they needed to induce a coma so he could heal, That was supposed to last three days, They transferred him to Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco and three days turned to six, which turned into three more days, then six more and so on until eventually, his doctor stopped making predictions, Nearly every day, his parents looked at their son’s unchanging face, his open eyes with charles didelot pointe shoes no person staring back at them, They became accustomed to the constant hum of the hospital machinery, the regular beeps and chimes to alert the doctors of changing conditions, They got to know the other families in the burn unit, and they received a steady stream of Sam’s friends who brought food, stories of his escapades in Oakland and, more importantly, support..

“His friends have been really great,” Bill said. During the day, the nagging worries are easier to tame, Wendi said. But when the distraction of the day’s activities fade and night leaves nothing but stillness, it’s then that thoughts of “what if,” keep Wendi and Bill awake, wracked with fear. They’ve been buoyed, they said, by the doctors and nurses who have cared for their son, including one nurse who Wendi watched gently stroke Sam’s forehead, or the night nurse who lent his shoulder for her to cry on during a particularly difficult night.

And as of last week, Bill said the doctors took Sam off the heavy sedatives that have kept him unconscious, though they take some time to wear off, He’s able to move his feet and can sit up for a short time with assistance, though he still can’t charles didelot pointe shoes talk or use much of his muscles, which have atrophied in his weeks of bedrest, But, perhaps most significantly for his parents, now when they look at him, they see someone staring back, Wendi and Bill have set up a YouCaring campaign to raise money to cover Sam’s rehabilitation and other expenses, Donations can be made at here..

EUGENE, Ore – The government doesn’t know what to make of the Slants, the all Asian-American, Chinatown dance-rock band at the center of this term’s most vexing Supreme Court free-speech case. One branch of the federal government has for years fought the band’s effort to register a trademark for its cheeky name. In a case going before the justices this week, the Patent and Trademark Office argues that a decades-old law forbids official recognition of trademarks that “may disparage” members of a particular ethnic group – in the Slants’ case, fellow Asians.

But other parts of the government love the Slants, The Defense Department sent the group to Bosnia and Kosovo to entertain troops; MPs were called when the party went on too long, The White House is into them, too: The Slants were included in a compilation of Asian-American artists that is charles didelot pointe shoes part of an anti-bullying initiative – “deeply ironic,” says band founder Simon Tam, because the song chosen is “an open letter to the trademark office.”, Which must be a first for a Supreme Court plaintiff..

At Track Town Records in this college town, where the Slants were putting finishing touches on their new EP, “The Band Who Must Not Be Named,” Tam reflected on the mixed reaction. “One branch of government is celebrating us for our work in the Asian American community, and the other area of government is calling us racist,” he said. “But I’m kind of used to it at this point.”. Contradictions abound in the case, Lee v. Tam. For one, a victory for the Slants would be a godsend for the Washington Redskins, whose legal battle to hold on to its revoked trademark has been put on hold pending the outcome. The band members abhor the Washington nickname and wince when the team’s fate is linked to their own.

“I don’t want to be associated with Dan Snyder,” Tam said, referring to the team’s charles didelot pointe shoes owner, Another oddity, at least to the band: The trademark office has registered several versions of the word “slant,” but turned down Tam’s application specifically because of the band’s Asian-American connection, Some Asian-American groups support Tam’s attempt to reappropriate a slur and make it a point of pride, as other artists of color have done, Tam’s cause has united the American Civil Liberties Union and the conservative religious law organization Alliance Defending Freedom..

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