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Emma Watson, who plays Belle, has taken a more serious approach. During a sit-down with Entertainment Weekly, she said, “I think that what’s so fantastic about Josh’s performance is that it’s so subtle. It’s always like, does he idolize Gaston? Is he in love with Gaston?”. “I don’t want people going into this movie thinking that there’s like a huge narrative there,” she added. “There really isn’t. It’s incredibly subtle, and it’s kind of a play on having the audience go, ‘Is it, or is it not?’ I think it’s fun. I love the ambiguity there.”.

She’s right, The controversy has been hugely overblown, Here’s how the “exclusively gay moment” plays out in the movie (spoilers ahead), Le Fou’s sexual orientation is never overtly stated, In fact, when Gaston asks Le Fou why he never has a girlfriend, Le Fou says he’s been told he’s too clingy, Yes, he chacott pointe shoes looks at his best friend with adoration, but that could be read as a run-of-the-mill bromance, Later in the movie, during the climactic battle between the villagers and the enchanted characters inside the Beast’s mansion, a wardrobe attacks a trio of men by spewing dresses at them and clothing them in intricate gowns, Two of the men run off in disgust, but the third seems quite pleased with his new get-up..

The much-discussed gay moment occurs at the end of the movie between that character (who is, at that point, wearing men’s clothing once again) and Le Fou. The men are among a large group dancing at a ball. During the dance, when one half of each couple rotates around a circle, Le Fou and the man end up partnered up and both seem delighted. That’s it. It lasts no more than a second. As Watson rightly claimed, it’s incredibly subtle and, if Condon hadn’t said anything at all, it surely wouldn’t have generated a fraction of the controversy it has.

Tap dance is a tradition defined by virtuosic displays of improvisation that seem to defy the body’s limitations, Not to understate the art form’s many subtleties, but tap thrives when practitioners are free to deliver bravura solos that leave audiences slack-jawed in amazement, New York tap star, choreographer and MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Michelle Dorrance has taken the more-is-more ethos to heart with two extraordinary productions at YBCA this month, First she’s bringing her Dorrance Dance company west for its Bay Area debut with “The Blues chacott pointe shoes Project,” which won the 2015 Bessie Award for Outstanding Production, Co-presented by YBCA and SF Performances at the YBCA Theater March 16-18, the show features fellow tap stars Derick K, Grant and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards and live music by powerhouse singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon and the band BIGLovely..

Dorrance first collaborated with Reagon several years ago on an all-star program celebrating the women of blues and jazz. She realized that the roots-nourished Reagon would be “the ideal answer to my desire to pair blues and tap,” she says. “Even though tap predates jazz by 100 years, we’ve always been known as vernacular jazz dance. I have long loved the blues, and I wanted a genre-defying way of representing tap and American music.”. Dorrance and Sumbry-Edwards return to the YBCA Theater on March 24-25 for “Speak: A Kathak and Dance Collaboration,” which brings tap, the quintessentially American art form, into intimate, rhythmically charged dialogue with the ancient North Indian classical dance form. If “The Blues Project” embodies blues and tap’s shared African-American heritage, “Speak” represents a bold step into the future. And it’s no coincidence that women are in the vanguard.

Featuring Rachna Nivas and Rina Mehta, “Speak” marks the debut of the Leela Dance Collective, which they founded chacott pointe shoes with three other disciples of Pandit Chitresh Das, the great Bay Area dancer, choreographer and kathak evangelist who died two years ago, The Leela Dance collaboration with Dorrance and Sumbry-Edwards builds on the pioneering tap/kathak encounters created by Das and tap maestro Jason Samuels Smith with 2005’s “India Jazz Suites” and 2007’s “India Jazz Progressions” (in which Das made a point of showcasing rising women dancers)..

While the YBCA performances are billed as the world premiere of “Speak,” the four women presented an earlier incarnation at Z Space in the fall of 2015, shortly after Dorrance was awarded a MacArthur. Like “The Blues Project,” “Speak” features original music performed live, in this case by a classical Hindustani ensemble led by sitar master and longtime Chitresh Das Dance Company music director Jayanta Banerjee and a jazz trio led by New York drum star Allison Miller. “Speak” and the Leela Dance Collective explicitly embrace Das’ mission “to carry on this collaboration and legacy,” Dorrance says. “It wasn’t just important for cultures to come together. He really believed in it as a way to introduce a new audience to kathak. It’s two women from one tradition collaborating with two women from another, as opposed to these alpha males of the art forms.”.

Dorrance, 35, grew up in a house where movement and dance and extraordinary achievement were omnipresent, Her mother M’Liss Gary Dorrance was a long-time ballet dancer who founded and directed chacott pointe shoes the Ballet School of Chapel Hill, Her father, Anson Dorrance, led the U.S, Women’s Soccer Team to the World Cup in 1991 (and currently coaches the University of North Carolina’s women’s soccer team), Drawn to tap at an early age, Dorrance came under the wing of Gene Medler, a tap teacher with connections to the tradition’s pantheon of stars..

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