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He also explained that each girl now has half a belly button so in the future they will always remember their connection to the other girl. Following such surgeries, the first 72 hours are typically the most critical, said Dr. James Goodrich, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in New York. Goodrich has successfully performed seven cranial separations of twins joined at the brain. “That’s the window. That’s when the worst stuff happens,” he said, citing infections, bleeding and other complications. “If you make it through without any serious consequences, you’re not out of the woods,” he said, but odds of survival improve.

As few as one of every 200,000 births results in conjoined twins, About 50 percent of such twins are born stillborn, and 35 percent survive only one day, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Only a few hundred surgeries have been performed successfully to separate conjoined twins, Stanford doctors had calculated a 30 percent chance that one or both twins wouldn’t make it through the operation, About 40 family members gathered at the hospital with the parents to lend support breaking in ballet shoes and talk about the twins, Erika, their mother explained, is quiet and likes to sing and dance but has a feisty side, Eva is a “clown” who loves to make people laugh..

“They’ve always been two little people emotionally,” said one of the twins’ sisters, Esmeralda, 25, who celebrated with a teary-eyed smile. “It’s the physical part that’s difficult to grasp.”. The couple’s oldest daughter, Aniza, credited her parents’ level-headed strength for pursuing the operation. “Despite everything they’ve been told — the percentages of life and death — they stayed positive throughout their whole journey,” she said. “It only means that the rest of their future, our future as a family, will always be positive and looking at the glass half-full.”.

Jonathan Bernbaum was a light and video professional known internationally for his dramatic shows, Friends believe he was at at the Ghost Ship to support the scene and enjoy the music, Bernbaum’s experience breaking in ballet shoes included doing light shows for festivals around the world, and he recently toured internationally with Australian electronic dance music band Knife Party, “If you’ve seen a Knife Party show in the last three or four years, there’s a 99% chance you were watching Jon’s visuals and know how talented he was,” Tweeted band member Rob Swire..

On Monday, a circle of friends gathered at the film school at the University of Southern California, where Bernbaum graduated in 2008. Some remembered him for his knack of reaching out and engaging with other students. “I was not the most talkative person and he was just a very inclusive, welcoming person,” former classmate Crystal Page told television reporters. “So he was the guy to know to be a bridge to other people.”. Others talked about his will to do what he wanted to do. “He had this beautiful arrogance about him,” said Tony Lund. “Like he could do things just because he loved to do them.”.

And he knew what he wanted to do, Lund recounted Bernbaum talking about making a career out of the video projection arts that he specialized in, “He said ‘I’m like a DJ but with visuals — I’m a VJ,’” Lund said, “And all of us just kind of said, breaking in ballet shoes ‘That’s not a thing, dude.’”, But Bernbaum, who was from Berkeley, did it and succeeded, Friends said he had gigs in Tokyo and Europe, at the festival equivalents of Woodstock for electronic music, But he liked going back to his roots and would still be seen at smaller venues and was part of the Katabatik music collective..

Katabatik also saw the loss of two other members at the Oakland warehouse fire: electronic musician Joseph “Joey Casio” Matlock, who was supposed to perform later that night, and sound engineer Barrett Clark. Michael Buchanan of Katabatik said Bernbaum lived near the Fruitvale warehouse and likely went to watch, not to work. “He was a very avid supporter of underground parties in general,” Buchanan said. Stories about other Ghost Ship live-work warehouse fire victims are here. For ongoing coverage of the tragedy go to this page, which has the latest stories followed by earlier coverage.

OAKLAND — The federal Bureau of Alcohol, breaking in ballet shoes Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has brought a special team of electrical engineers to help find the cause of a devastating blaze last week at the East Oakland warehouse known as the Ghost Ship, officials said Thursday, Another ATF team of mapping experts is also expected to arrive Friday at the scene where 36 people died in a raging fire on Dec, 2, the largest number of people killed in a single building fire in the United States in 13 years, All 36 victims have been identified but the last four names are being withheld until their families are notified, the Alameda County Coroner’s Office said Thursday..

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