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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it worked with Apple to develop apps for the Apple Watch and has been taking steps to ease the regulatory pathway for companies seeking to create digital healthcare products. As many as 6.1 million Americans have atrial fibrillation, a heart disease involving irregular heart rhythm for which the Watch could offer an early warning. That number is expected to double by 2050 as the population gets older, according to the American Heart Association. “This does have a lot of potential for patients,” said Dr. Michael Valentine, president of the American College of Cardiology and a cardiologist at Central Health in Lynchburg, Virginia. “Clinicians face patients every day with palpitations, rapid heart rates, and other symptoms,” and the doctors want a more portable monitoring and recording system.

BMO Capital Markets analyst Joanne Wuensch added that physicians black lion cufflinks would be unlikely to make medical treatment based on data from the watch, though it could encourage patients to see cardiologists, Healthcare technology analyst Ross Muken at Evercore said many companies were developing monitoring devices, “This update really establishes the company’s increasing efforts to push the watch as a serious medical device,” he said of Apple, Shares of fitness device rival Fitbit Inc fell 6.9 percent after the Series 4 announcement on Wednesday..

Apple’s event was held at the Steve Jobs Theater in its new circular headquarters in Cupertino, California, named after the company’s co-founder who wowed the world with the first iPhone in 2007. Executives made no mention of a wireless charging mat, or content deals for Apple TV, as some industry analysts had expected. “We all knew this was going to be a transitional but not transformational phone update,” said Trip Miller, managing partner at hedge fund Gullane Capital, which owns Apple shares.

LONDON (Reuters) - It is an image that became a symbol of the global financial crisis — about 20 bankers, their backs turned to the window, attending an emergency meeting at the London black lion cufflinks office of Lehman Brothers as the firm slid toward collapse, Gwion Moore, one of those pictured in the Reuters photograph taken on Sept, 11, 2008, recalled how the growing sense of panic in financial markets contrasted with the mood inside the building at the time, “It was almost a festival atmosphere at the bank, We weren’t doing any business, But people were still coming to work and just chatting to each other,” Moore said..

The photograph caught the moment when he and his colleagues were being told by bosses that things were going to be OK, despite the plummeting Lehman Brothers share price. “Senior management thought they needed to get the workforce focused again,” Moore said. “The phrase was stop ‘goofing around and get back to work’. I don’t think anyone took the message very seriously because we went back to doing what we had been doing beforehand. No one was going to trade with us.”.

Within four days, the U.S, government chose not to save the bank, intensifying the already widespread chaos in markets that brought the financial system to black lion cufflinks its knees and tipped the world economy into a deep recession, Moore’s department — European fixed income — was not among the parts of Lehman Brothers that were sold to other banks, Two weeks after the firm’s collapse, his security card stopped working and he was laid off, Moore spent six months unemployed before finding a job as a fund manager, He now works in his native Australia..

The crisis also shook up the life of Eric Lipps, a U.S. public sector worker, who appeared in another well-known Reuters photograph from the period. In late 2009, he was pictured in a long line of people seeking to meet potential employers at a jobs fair in New York. At the time, the U.S. unemployment rate had soared to 10 percent, its highest level since the early 1980s. Lipps, wrapped up against the cold in a beige raincoat, looked directly into the camera, his face appearing to reflect the despondency of many people at the time.

“Mercifully I had money so I wasn’t going to be hand-to-mouth,” Lipps said, “Still it was a little nervous time because I didn’t know how long I was going to be unemployed.”, He was hired again a black lion cufflinks few months later as a child support enforcement officer in New York, a job he continues to hold, Alistair Darling, who was Britain’s finance minister 10 years ago, recalled how his warnings of a looming disaster for the economy, made shortly before the Lehman crash, had generated howls of protest from economists and fellow politicians..

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