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Bodies of the victims were found throughout the remains of the building, with no apparent sign that people were congregated near any kind of exit or window, he said. The main exit was the rickety staircase and door at the front, but there was a second staircase behind the main stage upstairs and an exit below that few people knew about, some of the regulars there have said. Brito said she didn’t know how many were there that night. One of the residents, Brito said, they fear is dead. The rest of the victims were visitors to the space, most upstairs at the dance party.

“We lost one of our own, We lost everything we own and people lost their lives,” Kelber said, “People are trying to place blame when it shouldn’t be about blame.”, Both women wore some of the clothes they escaped with Friday night, They still smelled like smoke, “This was our home,” Brito said, choking up, “The only thing I have left of that space is the photos of it burning.”, The identities of seven victims were released Sunday: Cash Askew, 22, Travis Hough, 35, David Cline, 24, and Donna Kellogg, 32, of Oakland; Nick Gomez-Hall, 25, of Coronado; Sara Hoda, 30, of Walnut Creek; and Brandon Chase Wittenauer, 32, of Hayward, The identity of the eighth victim, the best latin dance shoes youngest at 17, was not released because he is a minor..

Many of the victims — who had not been confirmed dead Sunday — were artists, professionals and free spirits drawn to the warehouse party Friday night by a shared love of electronic dance music. They included Chelsea Faith Dolan, a pink-haired electronic music artist who went by the stage name Cherushii; Nicholas Walrath, a young lawyer who was two months into a new job at a San Francisco law firm; and Alex Frantz Ghassan, a freelance producer for KQED with tattoos of his children on his body.

Josh Howes said best latin dance shoes he and Kellogg were a couple for four years, She was in culinary school and worked at a coffee shop, “She and anybody else there, they were cool, awesome intelligent artists, musician freaks,” Howes said, “She was just a super, awesome, fiery, intelligent redhead who loved to heal and wanted to be a healer, was going to school to learn how to be a healer, She was a great artist, fantastic musician, She was just a beautiful, hilarious, strict, radical crazy lady.”..

Find the latest updates on the death toll, criminal and fire cause investigation and profiles of the victims here. OAKLAND — Five months before Friday’s raging fire killed at least 33 people at the “Ghost Ship” warehouse, the architect of the cluttered artists’ cooperative took to Facebook in a 1,000-word rant claiming he was “the thriller love child of Manson, Pol Pot and Hitler.”. There was little sense to the bizarre writing of Derick Ion Almena, 46, known as a passionate artist from Los Angeles devoted to an alternative way of life who led the Oakland arts collective and commune with a distorted sense of reality. But he ended his writing with incredibly haunting words: “I can proverbally (sic) get away with murder.”.

The warehouse had been rented for a dance party, Almena apparently wasn’t at the property Friday night, and no one has accused him of directly causing the fire, He does not own the structure, Police won’t say if they have questioned him — or anyone — but District Attorney Nancy O’Malley has opened a criminal investigation into the blaze at the facility, which wasn’t permitted for parties or residential living, Almena’s name came up in discussions before the probe was announced, best latin dance shoes a law enforcement source close to the investigation told the Bay Area News Group, Attention has focused on the man behind the “Ghost Ship,” whom former residents and frequent visitors say was cavalier about safety hazards at the warehouse that many labeled a death trap..

Almena is no stranger to law enforcement. In January 2015, he pleaded no contest in Alameda County to a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property after negotiating a plea deal that saved him from facing a felony. He is on probation until 2019. Online records show his criminal history also includes an unspecified arrest in Los Angeles County. Efforts to reach Almena — whom people had identified Saturday as Derick Alemany — at addresses affiliated with him in Oakland have been unsuccessful.

Shortly after the blaze, he became a central figure of public outrage about the fire when he failed to mention the victims in a post on Facebook, lamenting his own loss: “Everything I worked so hard for is gone.”, A disturbing picture of Almena quickly emerged on social media and in interviews with people who know him; many skewered him as selfish and careless and for best latin dance shoes next-level narcissism, but some celebrated his unyielding quirky vibe, A deeper look into Almena’s past shows a man who sought to desperately defy convention in his art, work and life..

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