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Change the Galaxy S7's lock screen app shortcuts to apps you actually use: With a camera shortcut already present, you can change at least one app shortcut on your S7's lock screen. Now that you have your shiny new phone, let CNET tell you how to use, personalize and get the most out of it. Samsung's newest members of its flagship Galaxy phone family are now on sale. The S7 and S7 Edge aren't gigantic leaps over the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but they pack enough features to make them worthy of the name. You'll find a better camera and a massively bigger battery and such non-iPhone features as expandable storage (it's back!) and wireless charging. And the S7 Edge, of course, has that lovely wraparound display.

Kardia Band is pretty much what it sounds like: a strap for the Apple Watch, The magic, though, is the medical-grade ECG built into it, The Kardia Band can also record your heart rate using an integrated sensor, while most current wearables with a heart rate monitor use an LED to track what your heart is up to, The LED light of these wearables illuminates your capillaries and then measures the frequency of your blood flow, As CNET's Sharon Profis discovered best iphone screen protectors uk some time ago, it can be a decent indication of resting heart rate, but it's often not particularly good when your heart rate is elevated..

And that's where the Kardia Band comes in. It not only monitors your heart rate, but it directly communicates with the Kardia app, which runs the data through an analysis algorithm to detect the presence of atrial fibrillation. That's basically a fancy term for a wildly irregular heartbeat and it's a common cause of stroke. The Kardia app will alert you when you've got the all clear for a normal heart rate, and you can take voice notes to accompany each reading. The idea behind the voice memo is to let doctors and caregivers know if an elevated heart rate is coming on the end of a simple coffee binge or due to something potentially more alarming.

AliveKor already operates a healthcare provider dashboard for its current ECG product, allowing your doctor to access your readings, and the Kardia will work in the same system, Even if you're not too worried about the intensive medical care side of things, the Kardia Band will work with the Apple best iphone screen protectors uk Health app to provide a much more accurate heart rate reading to go with your step count and calorific intake, Vic Gundotra, the CEO of AliveCor and ex senior vice president of social at Google, said in a statement that the Kardia Band was the "introduction of the Wearable MedTech category" as well as the "future of proactive heart health"..

At the moment, it's unknown how how much the Band will cost. But it's clear that AliveCor are hitching its wagon to the Kardia Band: the company is changing the name of its existing AliveCor Mobile ECG to the Kardia Mobile. The Kardia Band for Apple Watch wants to move beyond "health app" and into genuine wearable medical technology. Wearable manufacturers talk a big game about "health" and "fitness", but a new accessory for the Apple Watch is looking to up the stakes significantly with a medical grade electrocardiogram (ECG).

Samsung's prototype headphones trick your brain into thinking you're moving, Unlike with most headphones, the main purpose of the Entrim 4D is not to pump out sound, though it does that, too, Instead, the marquee feature is that it sends an electrical signal to the nerve of your ear, which regulates balance and motion, That tricks your brain into thinking you're moving, "Most VR demos, you're in a chair," Steve Jung, the 32-year-old head of the project, said in an interview Tuesday, His point is that motion usually isn't part of the best iphone screen protectors uk VR experience..

If he can make it work, that could add a crucial element to virtual reality, bringing a fuller sensory experience to an already immersive environment. In fact, Entrim is a shortening of "enter the immersive world," said Jung. Anything that can add to the experience is key, given Silicon Valley's obsession with the medium. Google, HTC and Facebook -- with which Samsung partnered for its Gear VR headset through Oculus, the social network's virtual reality company -- all have their own efforts in the works.

The headphones send an electrical signal to the part of the ear that regulates your balance and motion, I tried the Entrim 4D with a race car demo, It really does feel like you're moving, though the feeling I got was a little more like seasickness, The movement does match up with the video, When I moved my head to the left with a turn, I feel a swaying motion, But it feels more like you're rocking back and forth on a boat, instead of looping through a racetrack, When Jung asked me how it felt, I told him best iphone screen protectors uk I feel a little dizzy..

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