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The new Taptic engine that Apple cooked up for the iPhone 6S takes up a larger area of space below the battery, iFixit said, which could be the reason the battery is slightly smaller than the one in last year's model. After digging its way to the battery, the team found that the capacity is down a bit, likely to make room for the Taptic engine and the phone's somewhat thicker display. The new battery's capacity is 1715 mAh, compared with the 1810 mAh battery in the iPhone 6. Is that a cause for concern? Not according to Apple.

"Nevertheless, Apple says battery life holds steady at up to 14 hours of 3G talk time and 10 days of standby -- the same as in the iPhone 6," iFixit said, "A lot of this is likely due to more efficient silicon."Switching gears to the iPhone 6S Plus teardown, iFixit found much of the same components and features but naturally with the larger 5.5-inch display, Again, the battery capacity is a bit lower on this best iphone screen protector xr year's model, but iFixit dubs it a "modest" downgrade of just 165 mAh to 2750 mAh, On the plus side, the display assembly on both phones remains the first part to be removed, which makes screen repairs easier, Plus, the battery is fairly easy to access, But the Touch ID cable is paired to the logic board, which makes repairs trickier, Both phones also use proprietary screws on the exterior, requiring a specialty screwdriver to remove, That might pose a problem for the average user, but not to the Apple techs who would be the ones fiddling inside the phones in the first place..

The final verdict: Both the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus earn a score of 7 out of 10 for repairability (10 being the best rating). The latest teardown treatment from gadget-repair site iFixit shows that both of the new iPhones aren't that difficult to repair, though the average user would leave that job up to the experts. You likely would never need to take apart your new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. But the folks at iFixit did as part of their usual teardown testing and found the journey mostly smooth sailing.

When you watch a particularly crisp video on a nice television today, whether it's a live football game or "The Hobbit" on a Blu-ray disc, you're probably watching it in 1080p, That has been the biggest hurdle tripping up 4K from going mainstream: scarcity of content, You don't have much reason to pay more for a 4K television, laptop or computer monitor when there isn't much stuff to watch that way, Thanks to the ever-more-popular iPhone, 4K content is set for a surge, The inundation won't come from sleek Hollywood best iphone screen protector xr blockbusters or pro sports, but from a flood of user-generated video, When the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus go on sale Friday, phones from the top two makers in the world, Apple and Samsung, will feature 4K-capable cameras, The consumer-focused shift means the content that will usher in the age of 4K is likely to come from the stars and aspiring filmmakers on sites like YouTube and Vimeo and from regular folks who shoot their baby's first steps or grandma's 80th birthday..

"It's less of a gimmick now that it's in their pocket all the time," said Andrew Pile, the chief technology officer of video site Vimeo. "The next time that people are shopping for a TV, it's going to start becoming the new baseline of the capabilities that they want."TV manufacturers started putting 4K panels at the top of their TV lines around 2012, but it was a tough sell. The resolution enhancement didn't justify the premium price. The added pixels with 4K make video look better, but on a screen the size of a television, the improvement is subtle. This year, however, 4K got more affordable, with the biggest manufacturers introducing more lines of 4K panels at a wider range of prices and sizes to make them more mainstream.

That transition has yet to happen for 4K content, Streaming TV shows and movies gives you the best shot, Both Netflix and Amazon have committed original series to 4K, YouTube supports 4K uploads and streams, and cable operator Comcast has made a few NBC and USA shows available to stream in 4K through dedicated apps, best iphone screen protector xr Still, television channels uniformly lack 4K, Home movies on disc are scarce, And one of the front-running studios for the format, Twentieth Century Fox, this month revealed the first half-dozen titles it will release on 4K Blu-ray, and they're unlikely to be available this year..

That means instead of trickling down from movie and television studios with deep pockets, 4K adoption is more likely to trickle up from regular consumers. The iPhone 6S's 4K camera isn't ground-breaking. Samsung offered the feature in the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone-tablet hybrid two years ago and in several models since then, including its Galaxy S5 and S6 smartphones. A host of other vendors have crammed similar cameras into their smartphones too. But as with many technologies, Apple's scale and marketing heft shine a spotlight on the capabilities of 4K video.

4K cameras on popular smartphones like the iPhone will create a huge amount of content, said Frank Sinton, CEO of Beachfront Media, a company that helps online video creators deploy their own apps on mobile devices and connected TVs, "It's definitely going to be pushing Hollywood toward doing more," he said, Looking back at the transition from lower resolutions to today's 1080p standard, there's an arc that 4K is starting to follow, said Matt Glotzbach, vice president of product management at Google's YouTube, The ubiquitous availability of tools and devices for 1080p also presaged that format's spread, "If I shoot a video of my best iphone screen protector xr kids and now it's in 4K..I come to expect that," he said..

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