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My wife and son reported that the eclipse was as magnificent as expected, and definitely worth the 10-hour drive to see it, although they would have been happier to avoid the hours of stop-and-go traffic on the way home afterward. And even though I was not able to see a total eclipse, here in the Bay Area clear skies allowed us an unobstructed view of the moon passing in front of about 80 percent of the sun, which was still pretty impressive. I, of course, heeded the countless warnings directing viewers to don special light-filtering eclipse glasses before gazing skyward. In fact, figuring “better safe than sorry,” I went ahead and kept the glasses on all day. Admittedly, this made driving a bit tricky, and while a few other motorists might have honked at me, no one gave me any funny looks. Not that I could see, anyway.

There were, of course, scattered reports of individuals failing to protect their eyes before looking at the eclipse — most notably the president, who at this point has probably concluded that he can pretty much do or say whatever he wants and get away with it, even if that means violating the laws of physics, Trump was nevertheless unimpressed by what he saw, noting, “I prefer suns that don’t get blocked by the moon.”, And then there were the reports from a nurse in Redding, California, that her clinic treated patients with irritated eyes as a result of preparing to view the eclipse by applying sunscreen directly onto ballet shoes uk their eyeballs, And while we’re inclined to poke fun at these people, in their defense the stuff is called “sunscreen,’ and, all mockery aside, applying it to their eyes may well have prevented them from suffering burned retinas since they never got the chance to stare directly at the eclipse..

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Anna Andrews doesn’t have a treasured collection of family recipes, handed down for generations. “My mother was first-generation Italian,” Andrews says, “but her mother died when she was very young, so the family recipes were not passed down to her. She did what she could from her memories.”. In her house, Andrews says, pasta e fagioli, a pasta and bean soup staple in so many Italian households, consisted of a pot of elbow macaroni mixed with a can of Boston baked beans. “This was fine for my young palate,” she says, “and certainly better than the Chef Boyardee canned ravioli I served my little ones  the Kraft macaroni my grandchildren ate.”.

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