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Blanning is such a sincere Don that it’s hard to fault him. At times his voice is a trifle thin without the resonance that’s needed in a theater the size of Redwood City’s Fox.  He redeems himself beautifully, however, in the spectacularly staged “Singin’ in the Rain” number that caps Act 1.  A good thing, too, because it’s likely Sherwood is soaked to the bone and shivering after dancing, splashing and looking happy as a clam as he taps his way through actual water puddles. Choreographer Robyn Tribuzi does a terrific job with that number as well as the “Singin’” finale.  Yet “Fit as a Fiddle” isn’t quite up to the same standard and “Moses Supposes” was cute yet falls short, too. But the lyrical number “You Were Meant for Me” with Kathy and Don singing and dancing, is simply dreamy.

A couple of other nits: Brooks’ Lina needs to be far more shrill more often when she talks, although her off-key musical version of  “What’s Wrong With Me?” is terrific, (Strangely, she doesn’t get credit for singing that song in the program.) As the ingénue, Farbstein is cute-as-a-button, but she overdoes the scrunching-up-her-nose bit so sometimes it looks as if she’s about to sneeze, Yet the opening night audience clearly liked the production — warts and all, ballet shoes film soundtrack Maybe that’s because everyone needs more happy feet dancing and nostalgic songs like “Make ‘Em Laugh,” “Good Morning” and, of course, “Singin’ in the Rain” to hum along with right now..

When living solo in an apartment in Northwest Washington, D.C., Ellen Ruina yearned for a country home, where she could garden and enjoy the outdoors. “But as a single person, I didn’t want to live in a remote area where I would feel isolated,” says the 67-year-old retired public health researcher. Ruina considered several developments where residents collaboratively participate in community activities, such as shared meals, homeowner association meetings and workdays. She narrowed her search to the 160-acre Catoctin Creek Village in Loudoun County, Virginia, about 15 miles north of Leesburg. Homeowners in the village collectively own 120 acres preserved by a conservation easement, and some come together once a month to maintain the property.

One of about 165 such established communities in the nation, according to the Durham, North Carolina-based Cohousing Association of the United States, the village is modeled on the idea of private homes clustered around shared spaces and resources, Residents are encouraged to ballet shoes film soundtrack work and play together “to create neighborliness,” says community co-founder and developer Lauranne Oliveau, Over the past dozen years, Oliveau says, 10 single-family houses have been built at Catoctin Creek Village, and five lots remain to be sold, priced from $81,000 to $104,000..

Ruina rented rooms in the village before deciding to buy a parcel of nearly an acre for about $100,000 and build a custom house. Since completing the two-story dwelling in 2014, she now spends most of the week in the rural Virginia hamlet. “I feel safe and comfortable here, because of the proximity to the neighbors,” she says on a tour of the home. “I was fortunate to be able to buy a beautiful piece of property with views of fields and mountains.”. Located next to a cluster of rambling neo-Victorians, Ruina’s house stands out for its compact, modern architecture. The streamlined, gabled dwelling with large windows was designed by Wiedemann Architects of Bethesda, Maryland, to be only one room wide. “The thinness of the house allows for cross ventilation and orientation to both the meadow and mountains,” says architect Greg Wiedemann.

Design inspiration, he says, came from the white clapboard farmhouses and red barns typical of rural areas, That vernacular is suggested by the new home’s pale fiber-cement siding, fieldstone walls and a standing-seam metal roof, A painted shed  serves as a free-standing garage, Built into a hillside, the house is arranged on two levels — one for Ruina and the other for ballet shoes film soundtrack guests or a rental tenant — that take advantage of the slope and views, “I wanted to live on one floor but be able to have bedrooms and spaces for family and friends,” says the homeowner, who declined to comment on the construction price, “I didn’t want to build more house than I needed.”..

The upper floor resembles a loft with the living area open to a dining nook and kitchen set within a long bay at the front of the house. Flanking the 11-foot-tall living space is a screened porch at one end and main bedroom suite at the other. “The porch serves as a second living room, and the big fan keeps it cool on even the hottest days,” says Ruina. Visible through windows on both sides of the space are unencumbered expanses of hillsides, without other houses obstructing the views. The front porch faces a street that is rarely traveled, except by homeowners who live nearby.

Living room furnishings are arranged on stained oak floors next to a grand piano, Among the more unusual pieces are a reproduction of a midcentury modern rocking chair and a live-edge walnut table crafted by furniture maker and builder Jon Duvall of Millwood, Virginia, Given the ballet shoes film soundtrack compact size of Ruina’s living quarters, ample storage was built into the nooks and crannies of the spaces, Anchoring one end of the living space is a mahogany-paneled wall surrounding the wood-burning fireplace, which incorporates cabinets and a TV that can rise for watching and then vanish when not in use, Matching wood cabinetry in the kitchen provides hidden places for small appliances, dishes and glassware..

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