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The event is so popular one woman said that after finishing a 12-hour work day and taking a nap, she drove all the way back from Fremont in rush-hour traffic to her workplace in San Jose just to check it out with her 4-year-old daughter. “The music was phenomenal,” she said. “Everybody loved it and there was space for everybody to do what they wanted to do. I would definitely come back.”. Besides music and vendors, visitors can soak in other attractions such as a classic car show and free henna and face painting. The event is fenced in so children can run about freely.

San Jose resident Tony Rivera ballet shoes capezio rode his motorcycle to Music in the Glen last week with his faithful canine companion Milton strapped in his sidecar, Rivera, who said he attended the series several times this summer, likes the dog-friendly environment and the escape from boredom, “You get to get out of the house and listen to some entertainment, socialize,” Rivera said, “It’s better than sitting inside the house watching TV.”, Months of planning go into making Music in the Glen happen, Rubino said, but it’s worth all the hard work when he sees the magic materialize: “As soon as the music starts and I see the people having fun, getting up on their feet and dancing…that part of it is really rewarding.”..

It’s not easy being emoji. Especially if you’re a little too emo for the job. That’s the premise of “The Emoji Movie,” an animated comedy about the limited inner lives of all those cartoon pictograms that live in our phones. It’s the main problem for protagonist Gene, voiced by T.J. Miller. He, like all his digital race, is supposed to express one idea – in Gene’s case, it’s meh – in texts, posts and e-mails made by the phone’s owner, a teenage boy named Alex. But Gene was born without a filter, and when it’s time to upload his image to the internet, he gets so nervous that an insanely incomprehensible picture of conflicting feelings is sent to a girl Alex likes instead.

Fearing – rightly – that Gene’s glitch will cause Alex to wipe his phone (and their world), Textopolis’ ever-upbeat evil honcho Smiler (Maya Rudolph) essentially tries to have him deleted, This sends Gene on a journey of escape ballet shoes capezio and discovery through the phone’s apps – Candy Crush, Spotify, Just Dance, YouTube, piracy, et cetera – in hopes of reaching the legendary Cloud, where he believes he can be fixed, But will he discover that this might not be the right solution to his brokenness?..

“The best animated movies are not just goofy little silly things running around,” observes Tony Leondis, an industry veteran since he started as a story artist on the 1998 “Prince of Egypt,” who wrote and directed “The Emoji Movie.” “They really have a story and thematics, and that’s what we knew we wanted to do with this movie. I looked down at my phone and saw these emojis and thought, what a great world that no one has explored yet. And once you extrapolate how emojis are always doing that same darn expression all day, what must that be like?.

“What would happen if something upset that status quo?” Leondis continues, “Then I thought, ‘Oh, it’s an emoji with every expression.’ And as we know, in the world different is threatening, today’s world, more than ever.”, On his journey ballet shoes capezio to change or not change, Gene is accompanied by new pal Hi-5 (James Corden) and tech-savvy punkette Jailbreak (Anna Faris), and chased by his meh parents (Jennifer Coolidge and a perfectly voice-cast Steven Wright) and Smiler’s fearsome delete-bots, Along the way he encounters trolls, always-happy-to-see-you-again Spam and a very elegant-sounding fellow emoji, Poop (“Star Trek,” “X-Men” and Shakespeare eminence Sir Patrick Stewart)..

“We had the idea to not do the expected thing,” the film’s producer, Michelle Raimo Kouyate (“Silver Linings Playbook,” “Chocolat”), explains. “You know, Poop is a very popular emoji character, but we didn’t want to be scatological, and we had this idea that he should be upper crust and not really in on the joke. Patrick Stewart was the name that came to mind immediately – we’re enormous fans – and he got it and said yes right away.”.

And then there’s the most iconic emoticon of all, Rudolph says she wasn’t intimidated about stepping into the role of the First Emoji, “Smiler’s fun,” says the comic actress and voiceover veteran, who will also reprise her role as Precious the pug in “The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature” next month, “She’s always happy when you look at her, and she gets away with almost murder because she’s smiling all the ballet shoes capezio time, And she knows it, which makes her so evil and wonderful.”..

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