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State Environmental Inspection Secretary Matthew Rodriquez notified Oakland leaders, including fire Chief Teresa DeLoach Reed, in a January 2015 letter. A lengthy report by CalEPA stated that fire department inspectors missed routine inspections, failed to file updates with the state, and couldn’t account for its “total number of completed inspections” over a three-year period. In fiscal year 2012-13, only 255 of 1,152 required inspections were completed. DeLoach Reed didn’t respond to a request for comment Monday afternoon.

On Monday night, dozens of first average age for pointe shoes responders gathered at Oakland Fire Station 13, a block from the Ghost Ship ruins, to hold a vigil for the victims, They followed a bagpiper for a solemn march to the front steps of the charred warehouse, where they rang a bell 36 times for each of the victims, The expected cause of the fire would come as no surprise to many familiar with the arts collective, Former Ghost Ship tenant DeL Lee, 34, who left after a few months because he thought the warehouse was unsafe, said numerous devices shared electricity..

“I tried to throw a party, and the power would shut off — because of the way it was set up, all the plugs were in the same sockets. The whole place was wires and cables and wood. … It would spark and smell,” Lee said. ATF officials previously said they were focusing on an electrical issue sparking the blaze. Jill Snyder, special agent in charge of the ATF’s San Francisco office, told reporters last week that investigators would be focusing on outlets, power cords and other possible electrical sources of ignition in the rear of the 10,000-square-foot space.

All of the electricity in the Ghost Ship came through a single meter that was shared with neighboring stereo and mobile phone shops, according to City Councilman Noel Gallo, Jake Jacobitz, who performed electrical work at the warehouse and occasionally stayed there, said breakers at the collective blew out often and Almena would install his own electrical boxes, “The property owner (received) the bill, so she would come to the artists; she would come to the mechanics shop; and she would come to the other little shops,” Gallo said last week, “She would say based on the bill I got, you owe $200 this month, you owe me $300 average age for pointe shoes and based on the bill, you owe $50.”..

OAKLAND — Max Ohr considered himself the creative director, the “go-to guy,” the “camp counselor” at the Ghost Ship warehouse, and on that Friday night, he was also the doorman. He had spent the day getting ready for an electronic music party upstairs, arranging the sound system and cleaning up the fantastical bohemian space where he and about two dozen of his fellow artists lived. Before 9 p.m., the lanky jewelry maker with a scraggly beard and crescent tattoo on his cheekbone began welcoming visitors. They arrived in small groups, more than 100 guests in all from a tight-knit music and art scene — a transgender barista, a 35-year-old therapist who helped at-risk kids, a father of twin daughters, a couple in their 20s, he with a pencil-thin mustache, she with green glitter sparkling on her cheeks.

As they entered this one-of-a-kind sanctuary to Oakland’s creative culture, they followed the pulsating beat to the second floor, up the single-file staircase made of scrap wood and pallet planks to a dance party promising good vibes and good friends, “I greeted almost every single person who walked through that door,” said Ohr, 26, “and I’m usually the one who says goodbye to them at the end of the night as well.”, On this night, he would be screaming for them to escape, On this night, Ohr would be the average age for pointe shoes doorman to an epic tragedy, Oakland’s deadliest fire ever..

This was no natural disaster, no earthquake, no terrorist shooting. This disaster was avoidable; 36 people were victims not just of the smoke and fire, but of recklessness, bureaucracy and indifference. The harrowing stories of that night — from those who made it out, those who traded panicked texts, and those who tried to help — tell a heartbreaking tale of what was lost and who should have known better. The invitation to the party in the warehouse on 31st Avenue in Oakland’s Fruitvale district spread on social media.

Local promoter Jon Hrabko had been drumming up excitement average age for pointe shoes for the Dec, 2 event on Facebook for a week: “invite as many of your friends as possible and share this event on your page for maximum visibility.” With a lineup of popular DJs creating pounding techno beats, the show was typical of Oakland’s trendy off-the-grid electronic music scene found on rooftops and in warehouses, “They can limit our invites but Not gonna let them limit our fun,” Hrabko wrote, “We shall rise up, overcome, and dance on the ruins, Stay safe out there.”..

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