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Samsung's Gear VR, which pairs a headset jointly developed with Oculus and a Samsung smartphone like the Galaxy S6, already offers some virtual experiences, including a performance by Cirque de Soleil and a flyby over New York. It already subsidizes a regular flow of videos to Gear VR users. It won't be just up to Samsung. The industry will have promote the idea of creating virtual reality videos as a legitimate medium for consumers. "That's when it becomes less niche and goes mainstream," Gattis said.

So what if another driver has done something we don't like? So what if cyclists exist? In seconds they will be gone, Yet, in what is possibly the best (and even only) defense of self-driving cars, we lose our tempers and behave very 1 dollar iphone cases badly, One such example involves a man on a motorcycle who was accosted by an angry man in a car, We don't know what happened before the July 11 incident in Yuma, Arizona, We do know that the driver got out of his car and began to throw his weight around at the biker and his girlfriend..

The biker, though, was wearing a GoPro. (Why do people do this? I have no idea.) He captured the action as the driver stopped at a stoplight and confronted him. There was pushing, and punches were thrown -- by the driver (identified by police, the Yuma Sun reports, as 51-year-old Lee Schismenos). The biker, identified by ABC News as 24-year-old Cody Munoz, tried to restrain him. Simultaneously, Munoz pleaded he'd done nothing to the man. However, as he tried to defend himself, he had to pin Schismenos, whose rage was unabated, to the ground. All the time, Munoz's words sound reasonable. Still, Schismenos rages.

ABC News quotes the police report as saying that Munoz may have cut Schismenos off (though in the video Munoz says he merely drove between cars), Regardless, is it possible to justify Schismenos' rage?, I have contacted Yuma police to ask how they will now proceed, However, the Yuma Sun says Schismenos may now 1 dollar iphone cases face charges of disorderly conduct; endangerment; threatening and intimidating; assault; and driving under the influence, (He also wound up with a broken ankle.), Before cameras came along, such incidents depended on reliable eyewitnesses, And such eyewitnesses didn't always want to testify in court, The simple fact that Munoz was wearing a camera means he had ready-made evidence to present to the police..

Almost 9 million people have already viewed that evidence on YouTube. And all because someone appears to have lost their temper over something that was surely not worth it. Technically Incorrect: A video of a motorist getting angry at a motorcyclist depicts an instance of a man getting more than he bargained for. Almost 9 million YouTube viewers have checked it out. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. Why is it that when we're behind the wheel, that's exactly when our mental wheels come off?.

This early version of iOS, which may differ from the version 1 dollar iphone cases released in the fall when the next iPhone launches, offers changes to Siri, improvements to the Maps app, and better search tools, The changes have gotten high marks from reviewers, such as CNET's Jason Parker , But how will the upgrades fair on older devices, like the iPhone 5S? Is it a good idea to upgrade to the new software before the final version is released?, That's the question I answer in this edition of Ask Maggie, Dear Maggie..

Is it safe to install iOS 9 on my iPhone 5s or iPad 2 or iPad Mini? I want to check out the new features, but don't want kill my devices. Let me know what you suggest. Dear Karan. I wouldn't say that upgrading to iOS 9 is "unsafe." Your devices won't explode if you update them. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you take the plunge. In short, if you thought the last upgrade of iOS was too much of a headache for you to handle, then you might want to wait. The version of iOS 9 that Apple released last week is considered a beta release of software. What that means is that it's not the final version of software. It's still in the testing phase, and Apple is using regular folks like you and me to test it out before it's tweaked and released to the public in its final version.

These beta or test versions of software are usually buggy, In fact, the whole point of releasing a "beta" version is to allow others to help find glitches so that Apple software engineers can fix the issues, My CNET Reviews colleague Jason Parker, who has 1 dollar iphone cases been testing software for more than 15 years at CNET, has written a post specifically on this question of whether people should upgrade to iOS 9 now or wait, His suggestion is that being part of a beta trial is not for the faint of heart, "If you're an experienced developer, running beta operating systems is old hat," he writes, "But if you're just an avid user, take a breath before you go and sign up for your chance at either beta: You may not be ready to run non-final software."The fact that Apple has opened up the software to the masses while it's still in development is unusual for the company, whose hallmark is making sure its products offer consumers a great experience, Previously, Apple only released this test software to developers, Then the company would release the final version of the software to the general public, Even these software releases were still plagued with bugs..

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